How Quantzig Can Help Transform the IT Supply Chain Using Analytics

Jul 15, 2020

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The IT supply chain is complex and consists of a heterogeneous network of people, technologies, and processes associated with original equipment manufacturing, consumer electronics manufacturing, and the communication services sector amongst others. Services and consumer electronics products that did not exist until a decade ago have now undergone rapid changes, spawning an endless chain of innovative products and services. Evidently, the emergence of new technology has drastically transformed the way such products and services are conceptualized, designed, and used putting immense pressure on the IT supply chain.

Building IT supply chain management models that are purely based on past demand, supply, and business cycles, could prevent you from making the most of your analytical investments. Request a FREE proposal for expert guidance and customized insights.

Today, one can find a complex array of innovative devices in the market that fit every need and budget constraint. Such devices are witnessing growing demand because they are changing the way people interact, consume digital content, and manage their finances. On the flip side, it is crucial to note that most manufacturing companies supplying raw materials to tech giants all over the globe have been badly hit by the pandemic- a classic example of a ‘black swan event’ causing permanent closures of manufacturing hubs, especially in China. As a result, technology majors that import materials, parts, and other equipment from manufacturers and suppliers in these regions face an acute shortage of raw materials and finished goods, making it crucial for IT and telecom companies to revamp their supply chain processes and look for alternatives to ensure business continuity.

Supply Chain Challenges Facing the IT Industry

1. Supply chain planning

2. Compliance and risk management

3. Last-mile logistics

4. Sourcing and procurement

5. Reverse logistics

6. Supply chain collaboration

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IT Supply Chain Focus Areas

Sourcing and Procurement Optimization

Rapidly evolving technologies and the emergence of new supply chain models have shed light on the need to need to reduce costs and capitalize on new growth opportunities around sourcing and procurement. However, most businesses in the information technology sector are unsure about how to transform their sourcing and procurement functions to reduce costs while maximizing supplier value. At Quantzig, we offer end-to-end supply chain analytics solutions to tackle this challenge and enable businesses to address every aspect of sourcing and procurement right from strategy creation, technology implication, and process redesign.

Demand Planning and Optimization

Today leading information technology firms are often seen scrambling to match demand and supply requirements, and in the process, they tend to ignore productivity, customer satisfaction, or at times both. With a sharp focus on improving operational excellence by reducing inventory costs and enhancing manufacturing efficiencies, companies today are operationally efficient but unbalanced due to their supply-centric processes. Our advanced, statistically driven supply chain analytics solutions provide collection, development, and review capabilities for monitoring, tracking, and reporting shifts in the supply chain through accurate forecasts and data-backed reports.

A commitment to supply chain improvement is easy to make but challenging to execute. Request for more information to figure out how we help companies overcome this challenge using advanced analytics methodologies and innovative supply chain solutions.

How Quantzig’s Supply Chain Analytics Solutions Can Help

Having worked with well-established players in the IT industry, we understand the unique challenges and factors impacting the IT supply chain. To help our clients navigate such challenges, we have built custom supply chain analytics solutions like supplier score carding and supply chain visibility solutions to improve supply-side planning and procurement logistics efficiencies by providing complete supplier visibility across regions, cities, ports, and warehouses.

What sets us apart from the rest is that we don’t just stop at a top-level analysis of factors impacting the supply chain, but go a step further and analyze the current market trends and provide insights to our clients on impending threats and market developments that will affect the supply side of the business, enabling them to identify new suppliers and procure raw materials to meet the need.

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