Web Analytics: The Secret Weapon You Didn’t Know You Had in Your Web Marketing Arsenal

Feb 13, 2019


Web analytics is undoubtedly one of the most effective marketing tools that are available to marketers today. Though web analytics services enable businesses to measure hundreds of metrics to improve their marketing performance, it ultimately boils down to how they interpret the data and use those insights as a key differentiator. By engaging with web analytics service providers, businesses can not only gain insights on their web traffic but also analyze ways through which their traffic can be improved. Such granular insights not only help streamline business processes but also drive revenue through improvements in marketing efforts. Web analytics highlights the performance of a website and reveals how users interact with the data. It not only allows businesses to analyze their websites’ performance but also offers insightful information about visitors. Businesses can also leverage web analytics services to make future marketing decisions and tailor their B2B approach to suit the needs of their customers.

What is web analytics?

Web analytics revolves around the process of analyzing a website’s performance based on its visitor interactions. Web analytics services empower businesses to enhance their overall performance by- attracting new customers, retaining the existing ones, and offering targeted messages to improve engagements.

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[spacer height=”20px”]Marketing campaigns are essential for businesses to succeed, but there’s a big difference between campaigns that work and those which don’t help much. Web analytics services allow you to gauge the true success of a campaign, not just through clicks and interactions. Request a FREE proposal to know more!


Benefits of Web Analytics Services

Small to mid-size businesses invest a lot of money, time, and effort into enhancing their consumer’s web experience, but how do they gauge their performance? Ideally, businesses will have to comb through the massive sets of data and analyze website stats before they develop a marketing plan. However, far too many businesses across industries are overwhelmed by the massive datasets and fail to glean insights from them. Well, in this case, that’s how the cookie crumbles! Leveraging web analytics services may seem to be tedious, but offers several benefits, a few of which are as follows:

Analyze visitor behaviors[spacer height=”10px”]

Web analytics services offer precise visitor counts that help businesses to gauge the number of engagements on their webpage over a period of time. It offers geographical insights to discover the location of their visitors, thereby helping them target the appropriate areas. Insights such as these further enhance the visibility of the marketing channels that need to be used to find potential customers.

By leveraging web analytics services one can not only develop a customized web analytics report but can gain in-depth insights into the webpage and identify its effectiveness. Such reports not only decrease bounce rates but also highlights pages with high engagements and CTR’s, which in turn can be used to determine the customer’s area of interest.

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Identify key target markets[spacer height=”10px”]

In today’s competitive market scenario, it is essential for marketers to understand and address the needs of different clients from different perspectives by using web analytics services. The findings of our web analytics services reveal that the market demand varies based on the geographic location. Using customized web analytics solutions businesses can track the volume of visitors from target market segments and assess performance based on their interests and demographics.

Optimize marketing campaigns[spacer height=”10px”]

By understanding what works and what doesn’t business can invest more time in optimizing their marketing strategies. Web analytics tools and web analytics services are designed to offer accurate insights on factors that help businesses to measure their campaign performance. Also, by analyzing what works an what doesn’t business can choose to drop the strategies that aren’t aligned with their business goals.

The benefits of web analytics services don’t just end here it offers benefits that impact every aspect of a business. That being said, there’s no excuse not to be utilizing web analytics services to optimize your website and grow your business in the process.

Get in touch with us to know more about our web analytics services or continue reading our success story which highlights the benefits of our web analytics services.

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Customer Success Story: Web Analytics Services

About the Client: The client is a leading technology and manufacturing company that generates over $3bn in revenue. Headquartered in Canada, the client is well-known for developing customized solutions to meet the varying needs of their clients.

The Business Challenge: The client, a leading technology and manufacturing company, was finding it difficult to engage with a niche audience that was spread across key global markets. They were looking at standardizing the digital experiences across all regional and international segments. Hence, they approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in building a new digital platform aimed at delivering tailored, continuous, experiences customized to the context of each customer group.

The Result: Quantzig’s web analytics services empowered the client to inspect behavioral data from different viewpoints. By using key metrics, dimensions and reports, we helped the client build a comprehensive web analytics maturity framework covering enrolments, engagement, and personalization. This led to a 20% increase in web enrolment rate, leading to an increase in the website’ overall engagement levels.

Anchored by our experienced web analytics service providers, Quantzig’s web analytics services can help you collect and leverage data from the most advanced web analytics tools available today.

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