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Jul 22, 2019

Retail analytics

Data plays a crucial role in driving business outcomes, and nowhere is this truer than in the e-commerce sector. With the ongoing fluctuation in market dynamics, diversifying customer base, ever-evolving business models, and the growing complexities of business functions, your ‘web data’ is the key to understanding the perceptions and demands of end-users while ensuring your business remains profitable in this fast-changing landscape. In this guide, our advanced analytics experts explain the importance of web scraping and analytics from four perspectives namely- customer preferences, content consumption patterns, data monetization approaches, and customer retention.

How Analytics and Web Scraping Can Help e-Tailers

Understand Customers using Web Scraping and Analytics

With the popularization of mobile platforms and the acceleration of technology, users have rapidly switched their data consumption patterns and how they access information. Due to the rise in the use of smartphones, businesses also find it easier to access data and no longer find the need to reach out to a site for relevant content. The use of new platforms has made it challenging for businesses to track and monitor the data consumption patterns of its users. The use of advanced web scraping and analytics tools can help businesses to gauge and analyze the usage patterns of its diverse customer base. Leveraging analytics and web scraping methodologies can also help e-tailers to modify their content and optimize the platforms for greater visibility and customer acquisition.

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Track and Monitor Real-Time Content Consumption Patterns

It’s crucial for retailers to leverage analytics and web scraping to track real-time content consumption patterns and to ensure the content is delivered and promoted in the optimal format. Irrespective of whether the majority of your content is made up of articles or visual elements, advanced analytics turns out to be the necessary ally in ensuring the delivery of the right content at the right time. Leveraging web scraping and analytics to track real-time content consumption patterns can also help businesses to continuously improve platforms, adapt formats, and optimize their content recommendations.

Monetize Customer Data and Drive Value Across Interaction Points

Over the past few years, the content consumption patterns and user interaction with digital media have certainly evolved, due to which e-commerce companies have started revamping their business models. When evaluating the new business models and considering the new data monetization approaches its evident that analytics is crucial to helping you understand business requirements, refine business models, and optimize ROI. This hints at the fact that no matter how you monetize data, analytics and web scraping tools are essential to refining your business model to drive maximum value.

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Leverage Data to Improve Customer Retention and Drive Loyalty

Acquiring customers is always an important business objective for etailers, but retaining them and converting them into loyal customers is more crucial from a business perspective as this is where you are likely to reap more value over time. Moreover, with customer retention costing 2X of what it was costing a few years ago, focusing on retaining customers is the most cost-effective approach for etailers looking to maximize ROI and drive value through web scraping.

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At Quantzig, we believe data is not only the key to driving business outcomes in the e-commerce sector but crucial in helping businesses survive and thrive in today’s challenging and fast-changing context. However, we also believe that web data and analytics can positively impact human expertise, which is especially crucial when facing complex business situations that often arise in the e-commerce sector. As such, leveraging advanced web scraping and analytics tools can not only help businesses gain in-depth insights into their global customer base but also helps analyze data consumption patterns across platforms.

However, with rich and extensive databases that are readily available today, it can be tempting to let numbers and popularity dictate content choices. Nonetheless, we must not neglect democratic responsibility in pure favor of ‘what sells’. Also, it’s essential to note that being a data-driven organization does not mean just letting the numbers or data decide. It’s about striking the right balance between letting your web data lead you in the right direction and embracing responsibilities and ethics that no algorithm or web scraping tool can replace.

Web scraping can help you extract customer data but analytics is what presents it to you in a format you can easily make sense of. Request for more information to gain in-depth insights.

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