Reimagine organizational structures and operations to combat disruptions

Overcome setbacks and disruptions with accelerated developments across the automotive value chain.

Innovation in the automotive industry

The COVID-19 crisis has hit all major industries, but automotive is the one taking the biggest brunt. With mobility deeply curtailed by the pandemic, the automotive industry players are experiencing a steep decline in their sales and operations. This disruption calls for a shift in their current organizational structures and operations to combat uncertainty and move forward.

Automotive industry players need to concentrate on digital channels to accelerate sales, shift to recurring revenue streams, optimize asset deployment and usage, and build an agile, responsive supply chain. All of this is possible with an influx of advanced analytics-backed innovation across the automotive value chain.

Our Solution Portfolio

Through an in-depth analysis of unique challenges facing the healthcare industry, we aim to help our clients harness the true power of healthcare data analytics to drive better outcomes across different segments within the healthcare industry, those involving patients, clinicians, providers, payers, medical researchers, and health regulators alike.

Big Data

Changing marketing conditions, globalization, innovation in products and increased costs are driving the change in the automotive industry. With the onset of the digital era, there is an explosion of data in the automotive industry, which if analyzed can provide actionable insights that enable companies to optimize processes while enhancing quality. As a result, automotive manufacturers are now looking to tap into these data sets to better connect with the outside world.

Our big data analytics solutions curated for the automotive industry offer end-to-end transformation of connected car technologies. 

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning 

AI is one of the new keys to succeed in the automotive industry — from enabling autonomous vehicles to transforming research, design, and automotive manufacturing processes. AI and ML are used to enhance the driving experience and enable proactive maintenance. ML also opens the opportunity for improving customer experience by analyzing data from on-board sensors and sending it to manufacturers, advertisers and insurance companies. Automotive manufacturers across the globe are now using AI and ML to deliver a safer and smoother driving experience while streamlining their business processes.

Internet of Things

IoT has impacted several business processes over the past one decade. Its role in the automotive industry has gained immense popularity due to its ability to produce new forms of data which can be used for analysis and prediction. Use of sensors that improve the functionality of vehicles and provide quality assistance to the customer are one of the biggest assets in new age vehicles.

Quantzig’s automotive IoT solutions deploys sensors to collect every possible production data and uses cloud software to turn this data into valuable insights improve the efficiency of the automobiles.

Action Analytics

The automotive industry has vast growth potential which can be tapped through the implementation of data-driven solutions. Our advanced analytics solutions can help you reach the epitome of customer satisfaction and improve quality along with productivity to ensure growth even during uncertainty.

Request a free proposal to learn how you can build an adaptive, resilient supply value chain, increase sales by concentrating on online channels, and establish processes and strategies that tackle bottlenecks, pre-empt issues, and accelerate growth.

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