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BFSI Industry Outlook

With banking products and services becoming increasingly commoditized, staying profitable by understanding customer needs and preferences has become crucial to success. With Quantzig, banks can counter a shrinking customer base by extracting intelligent insights and quantifiable predictions using financial services analytics. Our banking analytics solutions will enable companies to manage risks, devise new fraud analytics models, expand into new markets, and renew focus on customer profitability. Consequently, banks will be better equipped to manage market uncertainty, minimize fraud, and move beyond the insights generated by standard business reporting and sales forecasting tools.

Our banking analytics solutions also empowers businesses to tackle their challenges skillfully by leveraging:

  • Insurance data analytics services
  • Claims analytics solutions
  • KYC and fraud analytics

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Strategize to Retain Customers Before it’s too Late!

Today’s well-informed customers don’t just rely on the bank's recommendation on buying financial products and services, instead, they rely on their instincts to garner information about offerings before discontinuing their subscription to services, making it challenging for banks to identify dissatisfied customers and drive down attrition rates. This is no longer a pain point with Quantzig’s banking analytics solutions that offer actionable insights to reduce churn through targeted campaigns.

Our banking analytics solutions also help businesses to:

  • Predict customer churn
  • Drive loyalty
  • Track early warning signals
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Upsell Products with The Right Banking Analytics Solutions

Despite enjoying a large market share, banks sometimes lag behind their competitors in terms of products per customer. Our insurance data analytics services and ability to explore big data, customer demographics and credit-card statements, online transfers and payments, and credit-bureau data can help banking companies to define profitable microsegments in their customer base.

Our banking analytics solutions also instill the capability in banks to:

  • Run what-if scenarios and scenario building
  • Deploy outcome-based pricing models
  • Gauge the risks of calamities
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Become an ‘Early Bird’ To Capitalize on New Banking Opportunities and Trends

To avoid customer churn, identifying and preventing cases of fraud is imperative for financial institutions. Expediting the fraud monitoring process will help banking companies take preventive measures and avoid any severe impact on business processes. Our banking analytics solutions are designed to identify irregular patterns in banking activities and recommend preventative measures.

Leveraging banking analytics solutions will also empower banks to:

  • Maximize ROI through improved approach to risk management
  • Prevent Fraud with Proactive Measures & Smart Insights
  • Identify and capitalize on new opportunities
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Our Banking Analytics Solutions


Risk and Compliance Analytics

Robust and transparent business processes have become the ‘new normal’ for banks. And Effective planning to manage risks is the key to adapt to market transformations. Quantzig offers financial services analytics & compliance monitoring solutions that identify critical risks and minimizes exposure to fraud and credit losses.

Our banking analytics solutions include:

  • Early Warning Signals Tracking
  • Financial Reporting & Claims Analytics
  • What-If Analytics & Scenario Building

Insurance Data Analytics Services

Insurers are increasingly using financial services analytics to drive profitability, cut costs, and avoid legal complexities. With our insurance data analytics services, clients gain insights into customers’ credit behavior to determine risks in claims and quantify predicted loss severity from loans. The solution ensures better management of claims, underwriting, actuarial, pricing and marketing functions through:

  • Risk Analysis Reporting
  • Outcome-based Pricing
  • Claims Predictive Analysis

Financial Services Analytics

The BFSI industry has undergone a significant shift due to business model transformations, new technologies, and the changing regulatory landscape. We help clients understand financial trends across key growth segments and identify opportunities to improve their cost structure. Our insurance data analytics services help businesses to gain real-time visibility into factors driving costs and financial growth.

Our banking analytics solutions include:

  • Pricing & Insurance Analytics
  • Portfolio Monitoring & Claims Analytics
  • Customer Profitability Analysis

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