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How we help our clients through financial analytics solutions

Globally, banking, financial services and insurance organizations have always been the first ones to incorporate new technologies for operational and security enhancements. By leveraging ever-increasing data volumes and channelizing them to facilitate real-time visibility, we help our clients to take fact-based, faster, and smarter decisions through our specialized analytics solutions that help them gain a competitive advantage in the market.

What do we offer?

With the increasing volatility of financial services, the need for safe and transparent business processes has increased across organizations. As a result, most organizations are demanding innovative analytics services that ensure complete safety across all financial products, processes, and transactions.

Quantzig offers financial risk monitoring and management solutions that reduce exposure to risks, fraud, and credit losses by the timely identification of all financial risks. Our solutions also help manage risks more effectively to maximize ROI. We also help clients reduce regulatory compliance costs and deliver exposure to risks, fraud and credit losses by timely identification of all financial risks.

Solutions we provide

Early Warning Signals
Financial Reporting
Credit & Portfolio
Fraud Analytics
Basel Compliance
Merger & Acquisition
What-If Analytics &
Scenario Building
Operational Risks
Liability Management

At present, the insurance industry is witnessing the trend of growing advanced analytics demands in order to ensure the profitability of insurance decisions, cut costs, boost margins, and reduce litigation costs.

Quantzig’s insurance solutions ensure better management of claims, underwriting, actuarial, pricing and marketing functions. Our services help businesses to better understand customers’ credit behavior to determine the level of risk in claims, creating individualized and relevant policies to suit and benefit customers, and identifying key indicators that provide insights into risks and quantify predicted loss severity from loans and claims.

Solutions we provide

Severity Analytics
Risk Analysis
Loss Reserve
Installment Collection
Claims Predictive
Fraud Detection
Process Optimization

The recent convergence of data with technology has opened up whole new avenues for the analysis of future financial scenarios. As a result, many organizations are looking for solutions and services that will help them make quicker, smarter, and accurate decisions.

Our portfolio of solutions helps clients in understanding financial trends across key growth segments and uncovering opportunities for cost structure and working capital improvement. We also help businesses get a real-time view of the organization’s performance and factors that drive costs, revenues, and financial growth.

Solutions we provide

Pricing Analytics
Security & Portfolio
Portfolio Monitoring
KYC Analytics
Customer Profitability
Customer Retention:
Churn Prediction
Share of Wallet
Customer Lifecycle
Collections Analytics

Introduction to our financial analytics case studies

Financial services


Increasing Collection Revenues for Financial Services Organization

Business Challenge: A leading financial services organization wanted to create risk profile of its existing and future large loan accounts, to optimize collection efforts and reduce defaults.

Situation: The client wanted a scorecard based model for its large loan accounts, to identify and segment the good accounts with higher likelihood of regular payment, from potential bad accounts with high potential for defaults, in order to reduce credit risk, credit losses and develop a targeted collections approach.

Impact: The client utilized the scoring model in its credit extension decisions, and was able to cap defaults by 50%. The client also identified potential defaulters, and optimized its collection efforts to boost collection revenues by USD 8 million.

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Collections Analytics for Better Collection Planning for Multinational Bank

Business Challenge: A leading bank in the US wanted us to analyze & setup the collections analysis framework to evaluate the effectiveness of its various initiatives.

Situation: The client was experiencing very low collection rates. However, they were incurring huge costs in the collections process with low visibility on the effectiveness and contribution of multiple collections channels (automated emails, call center agents, IVR, field agents, etc.).

Impact: The client gained a data based framework for collections planning, This  provided better visibility on the collections probability and resulted into better planning with less effort for collections. The result was improved collection rate and reduced overall cost of collections operations, as well as improved customer satisfaction with lesser repetitive reminders and calls.

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Financial services


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