Food and Beverage Analytics

Keep pace with the consumers’ dynamic buying habits using analytics to turn data into business acumen that drive decision making

Food and Beverage Industry Outlook

From food manufacturing firms to retail and restaurant chains, companies that are part of the food and beverage industry face unique challenges that have made it crucial for them to optimize business operations and drive down costs by leveraging food industry analytics. With a skilled team of food and beverage analytics experts and data scientists that excel at data mining, forecasting, and data modeling, we offer customized big data analytics solutions for food and beverage industry that will help companies streamline business operations and drive growth.

Our innovative and advanced big data analytics solutions for food & beverage industry also help tackle challenges using data-driven insights. Through customized food and beverage analytics solutions we help our food and beverage industry clients to:

  • Build long-term strategic plans using data analytics in food and beverage industry
  • Capitalize on disruptive technologies using food industry analytics
  • Fine-tune business operations through assortment planning

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Innovate with New Business Models & Smarter Insights

The food and beverage industry’s value proposition is transitioning from location convenience and product creation to service-centric value. In such a scenario, the use of data analytics in food and beverage industry will be essential to drive customer acquisition and retention that deliver competitive differentiation, enhance customer lifetime value, and shareholder profits that traditional business models will be challenged to produce.

Using advanced food and beverage analytics solutions businesses can:

  • Track POS data to optimize business processes
  • Deliver products and services that excite customers
  • Yield breakthrough innovations and superior performance
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Modernize End-to-End Operations with Food and Beverage Analytics

To free up cash, reduce maverick spending, and improve asset management, food and beverage companies need to modernize operations right from supply chain activities, to IT and other core functions. However, it’s no easy task, considering the fact that efforts should mostly focus on automation, assortment planning, spend optimization and adoption of new delivery models.

Quantzig provides pertinent, pre-delivered food and beverage industry analytics solutions that help businesses to:

  • Uncover new revenue streams
  • Capitalize on new opportunities
  • Automate business processes
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Analyze Data Points That Truly Matter & Redefine Business Processes

With companies operating in the food and beverage industry facing increasing economic pressures their ability to keep pace with the dynamism in the market is severely affected. In such a scenario, tackling scarcity, reacting to climate changes, and meeting the consumption needs of customers is what truly matters, in the food and beverage industry.

Our big data analytics solutions for food and beverage industry help businesses to:

  • Analyze customer needs
  • Rethink business processes
  • Meet the evolving customer needs
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Our Food and Beverage Analytics Solutions


Sales and Marketing

The rise in consumer needs and dynamic preferences are pushing businesses to use targeted food and beverage analytics solutions and develop new products to improve marketing effectiveness. Quantzig, through its advanced big data analytics solutions for food & beverage industry, is opening doors for food companies to make analytics-driven sales and marketing decisions with greater accuracy.

Our food and beverage analytics services include:

  • Market Mix Modeling
  • Attribution Modeling
  • Sales KPI Tracking & Performance Measurement

Digital Analytics

Today, it’s crucial to maintain the agility of business processes to proactively address the dynamism in the market. Quantzig’s proven digital analytics solutions for the food and beverage industry ensure performance regardless of the challenges that lie ahead.

Our analytics solutions for the food and beverage industry include:

  • E-commerce Based Web Intelligence
  • Buy-box Analytics
  • Voice of Customer Analytics

Planning and Merchandising

Quantzig’s planning and merchandising solutions for the food industry leverage data modeling techniques that help you make the right decisions on floor space optimizations, merchandising, inventory planning, and assortment optimization.

Our analytics solutions for the food and beverage industry span a broad range of capabilities including:

  • Merchandise Planning
  • Category Management
  • Product Propensity Analysis

Supply Chain Operations

Supply chain operations within the food and beverage industry can be complex and nested with several interrelations between processes. In such a scenario, hands-on experience and expert recommendations can mean the difference between success and an irreversible disaster.

Our food and beverage analytics solutions include:

  • Revenue Management
  • Demand and Sales Forecasting
  • Inventory Planning and Replenishment

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