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We provide food & beverage analysis solutions that help drive business value with optimal pricing, targeted promotions, and accurate demand planning

How we help our clients through food & beverage analysis

The global food and beverage industry has to comply with stringent food safety regulations, continuously evolving consumers, increased competition, thin margins and many more challenges.

Our data driven solutions for food industry analytics use predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics to support companies with critical decision making capabilities in the areas of pricing, product promotion, and demand forecasting. Benefits offered by our services include improved product innovation, sales effectiveness, and margins and profitability levels, enhanced customer reach, increased marketing ROI, resulting in better customer satisfaction and loyalty.

What do we offer?

Globally, there has been a surge in the need for innovation in sales and marketing strategies to attract, retain, and achieve profitable relationships with customers. As a result, many F&B companies across the globe have started facing challenges in developing, targeted and contextual, customer-centric product offers and discounts, and implementing individual customer level sales and marketing strategies for improved ROI utilizing food industry analytics.

Our food & beverage solutions help businesses in the aggregation and structuring of sales and marketing data from across all sources, internal and external, to derive insights on campaign performance, implementation of marketing strategies.

Solutions we provide

Market Mix Modeling
Attribution Modeling
Trade Promotions
Sales Analysis and
Sales Force Optimisation
Sales KPI Tracking &
Performance Measurement
Sentiment Analysis
Price Elasticity and
Price Change Impact
Market Basket Analysis

With the growing consumer complexity, F&B companies have started facing challenges while monitoring the performance of each category and utilizing food industry analytics for the most suitable merchandise plan to maximize sales and improve customer satisfaction.

Our food & beverage analysis solutions are aimed at deriving insights from consolidated customer data and store data to support merchandising decisions, and utilize food industry analytics with category planning, accurately forecasting customer demand specific to multiple sales channels, and enhancing decision-making specific to product mix and in-store space allocation.

Solutions we provide

Merchandise Planning
Category Management
Self-Space Allocation
Store clustering &
Layout Planning
Market Basket
Product Propensity
Sentiment Analysis
Price Elasticity and
Price Change Impact
Sales KPI and
Performance Tracking

With growing customer demands specific to product quality, increasing online shopping behavior, and diminishing margins, food industry analytics allowing optimization of supply chain and operations is gaining significance among organizations.

Our food & beverage analysis solutions are aimed at deploying real-time analytics solutions for improved visibility and coordination throughout the supply chain and enabling seamless integration between multi-channel supply chains to facilitate sales through traditional and online channels.

Solutions we provide

Demand and
Sales Forecasting
Supply Chain Visibility
Inventory Planning and
Logistics and
Transportation Analytics
Distribution Center and
Freight Analysis
Spend Analysis and
Supplier Evaluation
Supply Chain Performance
Profitability Analysis
Network Planning and Optimization

Introduction to our food & beverage analysis case studies

Improving Category Sales Performance based on Sales Data Analysis

Business Challenge: The client wanted to improve the effectiveness of its targeted marketing efforts by developing an in-depth understanding of historical sales data and customer information.

Situation: The client was facing challenges in mining sales data and deriving insights on customer profile, to develop strategies to improve sales productivity.

Impact: Based on sales trends at brand and SKU level, food industry analytics, analysis of planogram, and customer demographics information, the client was able to develop a clearer understanding of the customer segments, shopping patterns, and frequency. Based on this, they improved on the marketing efforts at segment as well as individual level resulting in better sales productivity.

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Price Point Optimization for a Leading Food and Grocery Retailer

Business Challenge: A leading food and grocery retailer in wanted to conduct a pricing analysis and benchmarking exercise to develop optimal pricing strategies.

Situation: Frequent change in competitor pricing had led to erosion of market share for client. The retailer wanted to understand the impact on its product line and decide on optimal pricing for both premium and standard variants based on seasonal demand fluctuations using food industry analytics.

Impact: Client achieved visibility on current price benchmarks, demand and price elasticity based on seasonal variations. Also, they were able to implement a robust process using food industry analytics based on price elasticity models for better understanding of the impact of changes in competitor pricing. The key benefits achieved include reduced overstocking and inventory cost for low performing categories, resulting in overall sales growth of 6-8%.

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