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The Food and Beverage Industry Landscape

Global food and beverage companies face numerous challenges in today’s highly regulated, evolving consumer landscape. These factors, coupled with product commoditization, food safety concerns, rising costs, and the explosion of consumer-facing channels, have prompted leading food and beverage companies to redesign their strategies and adopt global business models. Though an imperative to success, global expansion exposes the supply chain to more risks and makes it prone to disruptions by market forces.

The growing price sensitivities and the need to offer a more consistent branding experience across all touchpoints have resulted in the large-scale deployment of analytics solutions in the food and beverage industry. By offering innovative food and beverage analytics solutions, Quantzig helps food and beverage companies make crucial decisions in the areas of pricing, product promotion, and demand forecasting. Benefits provided by our solutions have a reverberating impact that drives positive outcomes across critical areas, including product innovation, sales, customer satisfaction, supply chain, and marketing.

Our cross-functional team of analytics experts have a wide range of industry experience and can provide holistic, industry-leading food and beverage analytics solutions to support food and beverage companies with critical decision making in the areas of strategy development, implementation, industry analysis, supply chain analysis, and process automation. With over a decade’s experience in developing advanced food and beverage analytics solutions to meet the unique needs of food and beverage companies worldwide, we ensure that our analytics solutions and statistical methodologies are in line with the new advances and developments in the food beverage industry.

Our Solution Portfolio

By combining industry knowledge and advanced analytics capabilities, we adopt a multi-disciplinary approach to identify growth accelerators, drive innovation intelligence, and optimize outcomes. Our agile frameworks and ability to co-create custom solutions have also helped clients drive market leadership and growth by capitalizing on new white space opportunities.

Marketing Analytics

The paradigm shift, coupled with an explosion of marketing channels, poses a significant challenge for food and beverage manufacturers that rely on continuous market insights to realign their sales and marketing strategies. The key to tackling these challenges is to collate and analyze market and customer data sets and leverage the insights to make meaningful decisions on an ongoing basis.

By helping our clients connect different data points to derive industry-specific insights, our marketing analytics solutions shed light on the unmet needs within the food and beverage industry, highlighting new marketing opportunities to gain a front-liner advantage.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Digital Analytics


Consumer-led disruptions are compounding the challenges of stagnant growth within the food and beverage industry. To address the more complex and highly individualized needs of customers, food and beverage companies must focus on several factors, including product quality, plant availability, and resource efficiency.

 Quantzig believes one can master these factors and stay prepared for the future by deploying industry-specific digital analytics solutions. Quantzig offers a comprehensive portfolio of end-to-end digital analytics solutions that help food and beverage companies tap into the full potential of new technologies to digitize the entire value chain.

Customer Analytics

Today successful food and beverage companies focus on customer insights to predict profitable trends, enhance customer experiences, and drive outcomes. We help our clients achieve long-term success by combining deep customer insights with scalable solutions and platforms that serve customers’ ever-changing needs on an ongoing basis.

Our holistic customer analytics solutions also provide timely and fact-based insights into profitable and loyal customer groups by analyzing purchase behavior. These insights can help your business create a focused approach to customer retention, devising targeted promotions, and ultimately converting customers into brand advocates.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Merchandising Analytics

Being highly customer-centric with several channels of engagement, the food and beverage industry is an ideal candidate for the application of merchandising analytics. To succeed, food and beverage retailers must capitalize on advanced data and analytics to transform merchandising operations by optimizing SKUs, revising assortments, and estimating future demand.

Underpinned by advanced analytics and industry expertise, Quantzig’s merchandising analytics solutions offer actionable analytical insights and recommendations to help food companies drive outcomes on an ongoing basis. In turn, these insights empower food and beverage companies to make critical decisions that can drive positive outcomes and create a sustainable competitive advantage.

e-Commerce Analytics

The future looks bright for all things e-commerce in the food and beverage industry. Fueled by the drastic turn of events and the pandemic-led disruptions, the food and beverage e-commerce is already at an inflection point and is expected to be the fastest-growing e-commerce segment.

But as the world adapts to the e-commerce buying model, the need for analytics to keep track of all business matters has grown immensely. Quantzig’s e-commerce analytics solutions support food companies in making decisions related to supply chain management, fraud detection, recommender systems, inventory management, online marketing, and user experience management.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal

Supply Chain Analytics

With growing customer demands specific to product quality, increasing online shopping behavior, and diminishing margins, optimization of supply chain operations is gaining significance in the food and beverage industry.

Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solutions for the food and beverage industry are designed to deploy real-time analytics for improved visibility and coordination throughout the supply network. The seamless integration of supply networks also helps drive sales through traditional and online channels.


Quantzig believes customer demand for new products is the primary driver for innovation in the food and beverage industry. While leading food and beverage companies are experienced innovators, the industry as a whole is facing considerable food safety and regulatory challenges. Advances in data science and technology are paving the new opportunities, but a step-change in innovation is needed if food and beverage companies are to turn these opportunities into a market differentiation.

With experience in helping food and beverage companies tackle their unique challenges, Quantzig aims to help its clients transform these possibilities into innovative insights by merging the fundamental aspects of pragmatism with advanced food and beverage analytics to create groundbreaking discoveries.

Net Promotion
Increasing concerns over food safety, quality, and sustainability are the top issues impacting the global food and beverage industry. Quantzig aims to help food and beverage companies tackle these challenges by offering innovative, scalable, and cost-effective food and beverage analytics solutions.
Redesigning business processes within the food and beverage industry requires decision-makers to focus on core processes, including automation, assortment planning, spend optimization, and adoption of new delivery models.

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