Industrial and Manufacturing

Employ a Data-based Approach to Effectively Improve Organizational Efficiency

How we help our clients through industrial manufacturing analytics solutions

This industry is constantly driven by technological innovations, scientific planning, and resource utilization strategies. Due to technological advancements, there has been a significant surge in data (in terms of speed as well as volume) across the value chain and areas of business.

By helping clients employ a data-based approach to effectively utilize the latest technologies, we also assist them in the implementation of latest methodologies, analytics, and modeling to increase organizational efficiency.

What do we offer?

To reduce manufacturing costs, time, and to ensure high quality production while maintaining high return on capital, companies constantly look to adopt scientific models and innovative practices.

We at Quantzig, provide production management analytics solutions that offer 360-degree optimization of manufacturing operations and help clients in improving their productivity, process efficiency and product quality based on manufacturing analytics and quality management. Our solutions also help clients in predicting plant and equipment maintenance issues to avoid disruptions through predictive maintenance and preventive maintenance, and in minimizing resource requirement and shortening production cycles.

Solutions we provide

Engineering Analysis
Operations Planning
Order Management
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Quality
Production Forecasting
Raw Material Benchmark
Total Enterprise
Order Fulfillment

With intensifying market competition, there is constant pressure on accurate manufacturing planning to deliver high return on investments, and limited scope for error in every aspect of manufacturing operation. Manufacturing analytics solutions help organizations identify opportunities for revenue and quality improvement and better manage operational processes.

At Quantzig, we offer manufacturing analytics-related services to clients in the industrial and manufacturing sector to help them identify, quantify, prioritize, and improve manufacturing capabilities.

Solutions we provide

Budgeting, Financial
Planning, & Analysis
Capex & Expansion
Demand Planning
& Forecasting
Inventory Planning
& Optimization
Logistics Engineering
Market Basket Analysis
& Propensity to Buy
Sales & Operations
Spend Analysis
Supplier Evaluation

Due to the global shift of manufacturing sectors from production specific strategies to customer specific strategies, businesses are continuously looking to optimize their service delivery as a differentiating factor to attract and retain customers and improve customer lifetime value.

By allowing companies to achieve these goals, Quantzig provides services management analytics that help them in reducing service management costs and increasing satisfaction through user friendly service, maximizing early detection of service, reducing the response time in the service incident management process, and also optimize the service activity flow and reducing service costs for improving the service delivery process.

Solutions we provide

Contract & Warranty
Employee Rewards &
Benefits Administration
Field Service
Helpdesk Service
Learning & Development
Parts Management
Payroll Functions
Service Planning
& Forecasting
Remote Support

Introduction to our industrial manufacturing analytics case studies


Data Analytics Improves Supply Chain Visibility for Industrial Manufacturing Company

Business Challenge: A leading industrial manufacturing company in the US wanted to deploy data analytics based solution for improving supply chain visibility.

Situation: The client had an ERP tool, but did not have end-to-end visibility of its supply chain. They wanted us to design a data based solution which could provide complete value chain visibility, starting from raw materials, to finished goods.

Impact: Client gained an excellent system for tracking the inventory from raw material to finished goods and order fulfilment. This also helped the clients in achieving visibility on materials BOM and order BOM with integration of smart item codes with back tracking capability. This helped facilitate reductions in the inventory carrying costs, recovered sales, supplier costs, operational costs, overall spend, etc.

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Inventory Optimization Reduces Understock Risks for Industrial Manufacturing Company

Business Challenge: A leading industrial manufacturing client wanted QuantZig to conduct analysis on their inventory and help them improve replenishment schedules.

Situation: The client was facing challenges of irregular replenishment schedules, and increased stock outs despite carrying a huge inventory, due to low visibility on the inventory status.

Impact: Our solution facilitated reduced inventory levels and released cash flow availability for investment, higher fill rates for optimal service and reduced risk of understocks and overstocks. The client also achieved reduction in replenishment cycles and 100% visibility of SKU inventory, with reduction in lost sales on account of stock outs.

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