Industrial and Manufacturing Analytics Solutions

Manage demand fluctuations, control input costs, and improve time-to-market with cutting-edge manufacturing analytics solutions

Industrial & Manufacturing Industry Outlook

Driving productivity by enhancing the productivity has been the crux of every industrial revolution. The fourth industrial revolution brought about waves of transformations that resulted in an increase in productivity in both production and management systems.

From a business viewpoint, the goal of every manufacturing company is to be able to manufacture goods at lower costs. To achieve this goal and improve collaboration between supply chain, manufacturing, and sales operations, it’s crucial to rethink the production processes and bring more automation to factories. Quantzig’s manufacturing analytics solutions will help companies to pioneer increasingly efficient ways to produce and transport goods while thinking beyond productivity and cost savings. Through our industrial analytics solutions we also aim to help companies:

  • Capitalize on data as an asset
  • Deliver quality products
  • Fine-tune production operations

Analyzing Decode

Embrace Manufacturing Analytics Solutions to Streamline & Digitize Operations

A consolidated view of business data is crucial to gain insights on manufacturing and supply chain processes. With Quantzig's manufacturing analytics solutions companies can improve end-to-end processes and productivity by embedding industrial analytics into the decision-making and operational processes. What sets us apart is that we define and implement production KPI systems, reports and dashboards to make production insights available across your enterprise.

Our portfolio of analytical solutions for manufacturing industry is designed to:

  • Minimize risks using predictive analytics in manufacturing industry
  • Reduce costs using big data analytics for manufacturing process optimization
  • Tackle equipment failures & unplanned downtime
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Infuse Cognitive Machine Learning & AI Across All Applications to Drive Outcomes

Today, manufacturers face heavy competition for market share. To succeed in such a scenario, they must leverage manufacturing analytics solutions that can improve product quality, enhance customer experience, and minimize recalls.

Quantzig's manufacturing analytics solutions help companies analyze data to:

  • Develop thresholds and reduce warranty costs using data analytics in manufacturing
  • Gain a 360° view of all plants, KPIs, and real-time production data
  • Establish condition-based preventive maintenance plans to drive effectiveness
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Visualize Data Using Interactive Manufacturing Analytics Dashboards

Manufacturers need to sense demand signals that indicate fluctuations in the market to sustain a competitive edge. Quantzig’s industrial and manufacturing analytics solutions allow businesses to align their production processes to fluctuations in demand to reduce inventory costs. Our competencies also help companies to implement the latest methodologies to boost organizational efficiency.

Our manufacturing analytics solutions can also help you:

  • Track and monitor real-time data on interactive dashboards
  • Measure, analyze and visualize machine generated data
  • Leverage machine learning algorithms to build accurate anomaly detection models
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Our Manufacturing Analytics Solutions


Manufacturing Operations

With Quantzig's manufacturing analytics solutions, companies in the manufacturing industry can optimize operations and boost productivity, process efficiency, and product quality. They can improve operational efficiency and shorten production cycles. Our manufacturing analytics solutions portfolio include:

  • Order Management
  • Production Forecasting
  • Order Fulfillment Tracking & Optimization

Manufacturing Planning

Accurate manufacturing and planning are crucial to gain a higher return on investment and minimize operational inefficiencies. Manufacturing analytics solutions offered by Quantzig enable companies to identify opportunities for revenue growth and better manage operational processes.

Our manufacturing analytics solutions cover:

  • Revenue Management
  • Demand Planning & Forecasting
  • Cost-to-serve Optimization

Services Management

The ongoing shift from production-specific strategies to customer-specific strategies & the growing popularity of data analytics in manufacturing requires companies to optimize their services. Insights gained from manufacturing analytics solution help companies to maximize early detection of issues and reduce service management costs by optimizing the service activity flow. Our manufacturing analytics solutions include:

  • Field Service Analysis & Cost Optimization
  • Service Planning & Forecasting
  • Industry Analytics

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