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Improving Profitability to Reduce Operational Costs and Customer Churn Rates

How we help our clients through IT and telecom analytics solutions

Changing customer preferences have resulted in intense market competition and the constant need for innovation in the IT and Telecom industry space. We provide our clients with customized data analytics solutions to help them take informed business decisions to stay a step ahead of their competitors.

Quantzig’s solutions make effective use of customer data to provide actionable insights to improve sales and profitability and improved customer lifetime value.

What do we offer?

Developing an understanding on customer perceptions and loyalty can significantly help organizations in the IT and Telecom sectors improve revenue and profit levels. An in-depth understanding of customers helps companies improve service quality and deliver value based on the exact characteristics and needs of an individual customer.

Solutions we provide

Brand Tracking &
Equity Measurement
Call Center
Churn & Retention
Predictive Models
Price Point/
Elasticity Analysis
Transactional Behaviour
Loyalty Premium
Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Habits
and Practices

Our solutions are aimed at enabling IT and Telecom industry clients improve the returns from CAPEX and OPEX, accurately predict usage trends, track and measure quality levels delivered, and quickly resolve customer complaints. We derive actionable insights for our clients by making efficient use of actual customer data.

Solutions we provide

Capacity Planning
Fault Analytics
Network Utilization
& Optimization
Campaign Strategy
& Execution
Call Flow & Usage
Bandwidth Analysis
Traffic Analysis
by Service
Value Added

Companies in the IT and Telecom sectors are facing constant challenges with respect to identifying and managing risks following the increasing complexity of the ecosystem and number of players. Owing to these challenges, companies are developing a strong risk management strategy that the effective management of the corresponding risks.

Quanzig’s expertise comes into play by helping organizations realize and adapt to new roles in the rapidly evolving industry ecosystem and implement real-time analytics to derive insights on reducing fraud risks and losses.

Solutions we provide

Risk Analytics
& KPI Tracking
A/B Testing
Revenue Assurance
Revenue Target
Product Segmentation
& Clustering
Performance Analysis
Credit Risk
Fraud & Bad Debt

Introduction to our IT and Telecom analytics case studies

IT and Telecom


Telecom Company Improves Customer Retention Through Predictive Churn Model

Business Challenge: A leading telecom company in Europe wanted to implement a proactive customer retention analysis and predictive churn modeling program that could help them improve customer retention, and reduce customer churn rate.

Situation: The client had huge amounts of customer data, and wanted a solution which could help them analyze it to identify customers with highest chances of churn, and thereby enable the sales and customer relationship teams to take corrective action before the actual trigger happens.

Impact: Client was able to ensure maximum utilization of CRM data and data collected through digital sources. Our solutions helped them obtain insights for proactive churn planning before any damage to business, and take preventive measures to reduce churn. The client was able to achieve better customer retention with more efficient customer engagement.

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IT and Telecom Services Major Optimizes Marketing Investments Through Improved Campaign Planning

Business Challenge: The IT and Telecom industry client wanted to optimize its marketing efforts by achieving the right marketing mix that could provide maximum return on investment.

Situation: The IT and Telecom industry client was following the traditional way of marketing communication and was uncertain of the effectiveness and return on investment achieved through the traditional campaigns.

Impact: Our solutions helped the IT and Telecom industry client in effectively reducing spend on campaigns and improve the impact of the campaigns through targeted marketing efforts. As a result, the client was able to achieve improved profitability over a period of time.

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IT and Telecom


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