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Decode data to drive customer satisfaction and improve market share using innovative telecom analytics solutions

IT and Telecom Industry Outlook

Adapting telecom data analytics to improve decision making is more like a norm if you wish to sustain a competitive edge in the IT and telecom industry. The main aim is to improve visibility into core operations, discern telecom trends, find new opportunities, and establish forecasts using telecom data analytics. Quantzig’s customized telecom analytics solutions extend beyond the scope of the traditional BI tools used for dashboarding and reporting and leverage advanced predictive analytics solutions to drive outcomes.

Our telecom data analytics capabilities range from ad hoc querying and multidimensional data analysis to predictive modeling, text mining, and transactional behavioral analysis that helps businesses to:

  • Improve operational efficiency using IT operations analytics
  • Predict network issues with predictive analytics solutions
  • Cater to dynamic market needs

Analyzing Decode

Unlock Actionable Insights and Optimize Service Levels Using Telecom Analytics

Quantzig offers advanced telecom analytics solutions that help telecom service providers to maintain a robust network and improve customer service levels across operations that generate billions of unstructured data sets and comprehensive reports on a day-to-day basis.

Using our telecom analytics businesses can conduct:

  • Customer behavioural & life-stage analysis
  • Bandwidth and traffic analysis
  • Revenue target analysis
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Leverage Telecom Data Analytics to Analyze Journeys & Anticipate Needs Without Spending a Dime

Understand customers and get a holistic view of your customers’ journeys to anticipate their needs and take relevant, contextual actions that will enhance their experiences using data analytics in telecom industry.

Quantzig’s telecom analytics solutions also empower businesses to:

  • Enhance service efficiency
  • Improve network performance
  • Maximize subscription rate
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Turn Data into Dollars to Move Up the Telecom Value Chain

Our IT and telecom analytics solutions are built from the ground up with a unique purpose in mind- to move you up the telecom value chain by leveraging big data in telecom, no matter its volume, velocity and without compromising on your customers’ privacy and data protection norms.

Our telecom data analytics solutions can also help you:

  • Analyze bandwidth issues using analytics dashboards
  • Discern trends and establish forecasts
  • Make smarter decisions to increase ARPU
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Our Telecom Analytics Solutions


Customer Analytics

The growing need to offer better customer experiences is one of the main factors prompting telecom companies to gather data from customer databases. Having worked with leading telecom industry players, our telecom analytics solutions infuse innovative, customer-centric insights to deliver you assured business value.

Our telecom analytics capabilities include:

  • Call Center Analytics
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • IT Analytics

Network Analytics

Success in the telecom industry depends on the ability to provide high-performing networks and uninterrupted services to customers. The inability to do so can jeopardize your processes and severely impact CX. We can help you address these issues and identify new revenue streams using telecom data analytics solutions that can be customized to suit your requirements.

We offer advanced telecom analytics solutions including:

  • Capacity Planning
  • Network Utilization & Optimization
  • Bandwidth Analysis

Risk Analytics

Through actionable, real-time insights, continuous monitoring of subscriber activity and integration with the entire billing system, our telecom analytics solutions empower IT and telecom companies to reduce risks that could jeopardize the entire system.

Out telecom analytics solutions portfolio includes:

  • Risk Analytics & KPI Tracking
  • Revenue Target Analysis
  • Product Segmentation & Clustering

Sales Analytics

Quantzig’s telecom analytics services help IT and telecom service providers to proactively identify the most profitable sales strategies while cutting the cord on the less profitable ones to drive value across segments.

Our telecom analytics capabilities include:

  • Sales Analysis and Forecasting
  • Sales Force Optimization
  • Price Elasticity and Price Change Impact

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