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Manufacturing Analytics

The manufacturing industry is always under immense pressure to improve quality and increase profitability. Keeping up with changing regulations, competitor landscape, and the emergence of new technologies, are some challenges being faced by manufacturing industry players. To overcome these challenges and improve collaboration between supply chain, manufacturing, and sales operations, it’s crucial to rethink the production processes and bring more automation to factories. With Quantzig’s advanced manufacturing analytics solutions, players can improve end-to-end processes and productivity by embedding industrial analytics into the decision-making and operational processes.

Our portfolio of manufacturing solutions enables you to gain a 360-degree view of all plants and operations and track real-time production data, optimize assets and production, and pre-empt, tackle, and reduce equipment failures and unplanned downtimes. Our solutions also help you minimize risks with the help of predictive analytics and increase speed-to-market and customer engagement.

Our Solution Portfolio

Manufacturing analytics solutions from Quantzig enable manufacturing enterprises to fine-tune production at a minimal cost while delivering better products. We also help you unlock new opportunities for a speedy digital transformation.

Manufacturing Planning and Operations

Manufacturing planning is an essential part of a manufacturing enterprise and is the secret to efficient and effective inventory management. Manufacturing planning helps in the smooth functioning of the complete production process. Quantzig’s manufacturing planning solutions help organizations design and command the production process flow to meet customer demand and pre-empt bottlenecks. Our solutions ensure optimum usage of resources and regulate production inventory management.

 With ever-increasing customer expectations, changing consumer demands, competitor landscape, and the economics of production, and a constant influx of new technologies, industrial enterprises are trying to optimize their production processes to be able to improve their technology- and equipment-usage, resources, and efficiency. Quantzig’s manufacturing operations solutions help businesses strike a balance between physical equipment and user interface, which enhances their productivity and profitability.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Supply Chain Analytics

With better visibility into their supply chain processes, manufacturers can improve business efficiency and manage suppliers and vendors better. Supply chain analytics also enables the manufacturing industry to fine-tune its logistics network and optimize inventory levels, thus saving on excess spends.

 Quantzig’s supply chain analytics solutions, specially designed for manufacturing enterprises, focus on erasing the complexities and enhancing the performance of your resources. Our solutions also help manufacturing companies become future-ready by implementing advanced analytics at every level of the manufacturing process and providing inputs on their optimization.

Marketing Analytics

With more data generated than can be handled on a daily basis, manufacturing industry players often find it difficult to extract relevant insights from them. Thus, compared to other industries, the manufacturing industry has been relatively slow in adopting analytics to improve its pre- and post- buying services.

Our advanced marketing analytics solutions help gain manufacturing enterprises gain intelligent, actionable insights to optimize customer experience and increase customer satisfaction and brand loyalty.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Digital Analytics

The healthcare industry’s fundamental premise revolves around improving patient outcomes by delivering personalized experiences beyond one-on-one interactions.  As such, digital healthcare analytics solutions that drive value-based healthcare are now a key focus area for stakeholders across the healthcare continuum. With several factors impacting the global healthcare landscape, digital analytics is turning out to be a complete solution for predicting healthcare needs and transforming the quality of care.

At Quantzig, we specialize in offering advanced digital analytics solutions that can be customized to create healthcare data analytics roadmaps, optimize processes and systems, and build a data-driven culture.

Sales Analytics

With the help of advanced sales analytics, manufacturing companies can gain comprehensive insights to improve customer conversions and utilize market opportunities. Quantzig’s advanced sales analytics solutions allows organizations to leverage data to provide clear insights into sales pipelines and sales force performance. By making sales data accessible, we help manufacturing organizations gain accurate sales forecasts and prioritize sales activities.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal

Customer Analytics

It is essential for manufacturing enterprises to harness the ever-expanding customer data and gain a leading edge with actionable insights that help them drive customer retention and minimize churn. It is not enough to focus only on basic customer lifecycle phases such as awareness, decision-making, purchase, and maintenance as customers today engage through multiple touchpoints and in different manners than in the past.

Quantzig’s advanced customer analytics solutions help manufacturing industry players anticipate customers’ buying preferences, future behaviors, identify friction points, prioritize key drivers of customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Changes in consumer demand, competitor landscape, the economics of supply chain, and a constant influx of new technologies have made it imperative for manufacturing companies to innovate and optimize the way they operate so as to remain competitive. Amalgamation of manufacturing processes with the right technology will enable them to become more efficient, recognize bottlenecks, pre-empt issues, save on unnecessary spends, and enhance productivity as well as profitability.

Manufacturing players must deploy new-age technologies and tools like big data, ariticial intelligence and machine learning, and internet of things in order to increase both speed-to-market and customer engagement.

Net Promotion

Manufacturers need to sense demand signals that indicate fluctuations in the market to sustain a competitive edge. Quantzig’s industrial and manufacturing analytics solutions allow businesses to align their production processes to fluctuations in demand to reduce inventory costs.

Quantzig’s manufacturing analytics solutions help companies pioneer increasingly efficient ways to produce and transport goods while mitigating risks, saving costs, leading to satisfied customers, and increased sales.

Request a free proposal to learn how our advanced manufacturing analytics solutions can enable you to improve product lifecycle, optimize risk and waste management, enhance supply chain visibility, and increase productivity and profitability with our advanced manufacturing analytics solutions.

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