Shift focus from productivity to sustained growth

Innovate continuously to achieve better outcomes across different segments within the manufacturing industry.

Innovation in the manufacturing industry

Manufacturing industry players, today, focus more on productivity than growth. To bring about this shift in mindset and create business strategies aimed at sustained growth, they need to implement analytics driven solutions, companies need to implement innovation across the organization. This will enable them to meet the expectations and demands of the ever-changing world economy.

The future of the manufacturing industry is digital. This industry is in need of innovative business models that impact all the steps of manufacturing, including research, design, development, and distribution. We at Quantzig can help you adapt to new technologies and provide innovative data-driven solutions.

Our Solution Portfolio

Through an in-depth analysis of unique challenges facing the manufacturing industry, we aim to help our clients harness the true power of advanced data analytics to drive better outcomes across different segments across the manufacturing value chain.

Big Data

The digital era has enabled every industry to produce data in one way or another, which, if analyzed properly, can help in improving the product or the process of making that product itself. The manufacturing industry can also benefit from big data by analyzing the impact of changes and keep the profit growing. Analysis of Big Data can bring about quality and customer satisfaction which can help any business set its foot in the market amongst its competitors.

As lean manufacturing methodologies become more popular and we progress deeper into the digital era, there are more opportunities available to manufacturing players to turn routine production runs into data that makes a difference. In the data-driven world, turning data into actionable insights is the best way to boost business efficiency and productivity. Thus manufacturers are leveraging big data in industrial manufacturing to improve industrial processes.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


In the fast-paced global market, it is becoming increasingly essential to be proactive than reactive. To predict future and act accordingly is a dream made possible by the field of Machine Learning. The manufacturing industry, not only can benefit from predictions from ML models but also can utilize AI to perform jobs that require human-like skills but without the aspect of human-error.

It’s the ultimate manufacturing goal- producing more, higher-quality products at the most minimal cost possible. The digital manufacturing revolution is already enabling industrial manufacturers to reach this goal more successfully than ever — and the core technologies driving this innovation is Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Data has become the most valuable resource, and it’s easier than ever to capture and store data. Today manufacturers are leveraging data to significantly improve their business health and AI and Ml are making it possible in much faster pace than ever.

Internet of Things

There are a number of benefits that the internet of things can bring to the manufacturing industry – some of which include safer workspaces, better precision & detail, and more opportunities to produce big data. The advancements in the area of sensors in IoT has opened up a new window for analytics to shine. IoT if combined with ML & Analytics can provide impactful insights into the process being used in manufacturing a product, and how it can be improved.

 IoT gives manufacturing industry players a new look into their business processes and products, down to an extremely granular level of detail. IoT solutions from Quantzig improves efficiency helps manufacturing companies to control costs, increase productivity, and boost margins. Quantzig’s ondustrial IoT solutions deploys sensors to collect every possible production data and uses cloud software to turn this data into valuable insights improve the efficiency of the manufacturing operations.

Action Analytics

Quantzig’s manufacturing analytics experts are committed to offering customized solutions to help your business grow. Based on our advanced data analytics expertise, we empower clients to harness the true potential of data to make crucial decisions with a reverberating impact.

The manufacturing analytics projects we’ve worked on have helped us work closely with leading manufacturing organizations and better understand the challenges of a highly regulated, cost-intensive manufacturing landscape.

Request a free proposal to learn how innovative data-driven solutions can help the manufacturing industry in minimizing costs, increasing productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and provide products with impeccable quality.

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