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In an environment fraught with risks, we help oil and gas companies improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and protect revenues.

The oil and gas industry landscape

The global oil and gas industry is grappling with a wide range of complex challenges, including upstream volatility, midstream constraints, industry consolidation, and shifting customer demands. With supply shock and an unprecedented demand drop due to COVID-19 adding to the woes of O&G companies, it becomes imperative for businesses to embrace analytics solutions. By leveraging advanced analytics in oil and gas industry, businesses will become well-equipped to efficiently orchestrate production planning, execution, and measurement to drive profitable outcomes.

Did you know – less than 1 percent of the enormous amount of data generated through sensors and logging tools in the oil and gas industry is used for strategic business decisions? Quantzig’s world-class team of advanced analytics and industry experts turn complex, unstructured data sets from disparate sources into intelligent insights that facilitate organizations across the oil and gas value chain in prudent, calculated, and precise decision-making. Through our advanced analytics expertise, use of cutting-edge technologies, and in-depth industry knowledge, Quantzig’s oil and gas consulting delivers analytics-backed expert strategy support to help companies rise above industry perils and outflank competitors to thrive in the oil and gas industry.

Our Solution Portfolio

Through an in-depth analysis of unique challenges facing the oil and gas industry, we aim to help our clients harness the true power of data to drive better outcomes.

Exploration and Production

Upstream processes (exploration and production) in the oil and gas industry are incredibly dynamic and challenging. The advent of data recording sensors in exploration, drilling, and production operations have transformed the sector into a massive data-intensive industry. How can E&P companies leverage this data to power their business and streamline processes?

Quantzig has a proven track record of helping oil and gas companies transform enormous datasets into sound oil and gas exploration decisions, strategies to reduce operational costs, ensure extended equipment lifespan, and minimize environmental impact through pure-play big data analytics solutions.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Supply Chain Analytics


Logistics and supply chains are at the forefront of critical issues currently plaguing oil and gas companies, especially with the recent downward spiral of oil prices and COVID-19.  The lack of transparency into oil and gas supply chain operations and processes often results in disruptions and overspending.

Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions help our clients implement incremental and wide-sweeping changes at each stage in the supply chain, enabling them to reduce supply chain costs and complexities.

Marketing Analytics

The oil and gas industry is rapidly evolving through the changing consumer attitudes, energy consumption trends, population growth, regulations, and political pressures in the sector. As such, players in the sector must also make radical changes to their sales and marketing strategies to thrive.

Our oil and gas analytics solutions are designed to help oil and gas companies achieve a superior hold on factors impeding sales and profitability. Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions also help clients develop and execute segment-specific sales and marketing strategies to drive performance.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Customer Analytics

Consumer expectations in the oil and gas industry are evolving. Are oil and gas companies well placed to cater to these changes in the market forces?

Our predictive analytics capabilities, such as inventory analysis and optimization, customer loyalty analysis, and sales analytics and forecasting, enable oil and gas companies to strategize for proactive decision making.


Innovation is the key to a competitive response to market challenges and secure profitability. The challenge mostly lies in pursuing the right partners and getting the right metrics to measure innovation progress. Our team comprises top-tier strategy consultants with in-depth knowledge of the oil and gas sector, enabling companies to transform their operations to unlock new opportunities and innovation through advanced analytics.

Our team of experts also facilitates businesses in the oil and gas industry to capture value from innovations and technology trends such as artificial intelligence (AI) to discover new exploration opportunities and maximize output from existing infrastructure.

Net Promotion

Oil and gas companies must devise strategies to monitor key risk indicators and drive performance in the oil and gas industry.

Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions will warn the teams of impending issues and offer relevant insights in real-time to avert problems even before they occur.

Our analytics solutions for the oil and gas industry aim to help companies gain comprehensive insights by analyzing patterns in real-time and historical data sets.

Request a free proposal to learn how we help oil and gas companies to predict demand fluctuations, gauge the impact of ill-performing assets, and determine the cost of maintenance using decision science and data-driven insights.

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