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We provide oil and gas analytics solutions that help our clients in making data-driven decisions to ensure better planning and operational efficiency.

How we help our clients through oil and gas analytics solutions

A highly challenging and volatile business environment has made it imperative for companies to use data analytics solutions to analyze interconnected market forces and optimize processes.

Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions help clients across the energy value chain make data-based decisions to ensure enhanced operational efficiency.

What do we offer?

The increasing cost of drilling operations, production technologies, and stringent government regulations are posing new challenges for oil and gas companies.

Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions are aimed at enabling clients in the effective integration and analysis of operational data for proactive decision making.

Solutions we provide

Lead Time Analysis
Load Optimization
Optimization in Drilling
in Exploration
Risk Assessment
Route Optimization
Storage Optimization
Time Optimization
by Process

The oil and gas sector is facing several challenges pertaining to performance and labor management due to increasing operational and production costs and a severe lack of talent.

Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions are aimed at helping clients achieve operational excellence by integrating and deriving actionable insights from the gathered data.

Solutions we provide

Competitor Product
Compliance Reporting
& Analytics
Demand Planning
& Forecasting
Equipment Reliability
Inventory Analysis
Process Benchmarking
Process Monitoring
Reserve Reporting

Oil and gas companies across the globe are facing challenges in terms of making use of the vast customer data for developing the right kind of customer segmentation strategies and implementing segment-specific sales and marketing strategies for improved ROI.

Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions are aimed at helping clients successfully improve marketing ROI and customer relations, and devise the most profitable customer segmentation strategies.

Solutions we provide

Customer &
Trade Promotions
Customer Loyalty
Customer Retention
& Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation
Marketing Mix
Modelling &
Pricing Analytics &
Price Change Impact
Sales Analytics
& Forecasting
Sales Force

Introduction to our case studies on oil and gas analytics


Oil and Gas Company Achieves Huge Savings Through Route Optimization Analytics

Business Challenge: A leading oil and gas company wanted to assess its transit standards to identify opportunities for optimizing the transportation routes and reduce service delivery costs.

Situation: The client’s initial transit time benchmarking across multiple routes and historical shipment data revealed that its distribution costs were higher than the average market costs. The client wanted to reduce the transportation costs by implementing route optimizing techniques.

Impact: The client utilized our model for identifying alternative routes and cargo mix to cover maximum number of clients across the route, and decide the right set of stops in the route. This reduced the total distance traveled and transit time for the route taken. This helped bring about a significant reduction in the cost for the client and to come at par with the market averages.

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Energy Company Improves Production Efficiency Through Implementation of Real-time Production Analytics

Business Challenge: The client wanted to implement an analytics solution that would give them access to real-time production and market conditions for improving production schedules and power plant performance.

Situation: The client relied heavily on historical data for the forecasting of production volumes and production scheduling. This resulted in inaccurate planning and low productivity.

Impact: The client was able to optimize its capacity utilization rates based on real-time analytics. Also, they were able to improve power plant operations and scheduling process, resulting in improved productivity and profitability.

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