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Exploration and Production

Pricing changes and demand shifts are transforming the oil and gas sector. But few companies can fully harness the power of digitization and key market opportunities to successfully adapt their business strategies. While many opportunities are coming their way for upstream companies, several critical challenges are presented by the growing emphasis on decarbonization, changes in mobility patterns, and end-user preferences that need to be tackled. To successfully navigate these challenges, CEOs of oil exploration and production companies must identify transformation opportunities within their organizational practices, operations, asset portfolio, and ecosystem partners.

At Quantzig, we focus on understanding the nature of the problem and developing targeted workflows to efficiently address our clients’ exploration and production challenges. We have extensive experience working with leading upstream oil and gas clients worldwide and solving some of their most pertinent strategic challenges, including decarbonization, digital transformation, operational excellence, and more.

Our Solution Portfolio

Through our holistic E&P solutions, we aim to help our clients harness the true power of data and analytics to improve exploration and production processes.

Load Optimization

The shift to higher cost, more complex refineries creates the need to maximize return on investment. Consequently, oil and gas companies rely on advanced oil and gas data analytics and predictive models to reduce downtime and improve margins by optimizing exploration and production.

Our comprehensive suite of flexible and innovative oil and gas analytics solutions helps oil and gas companies optimize the distribution and transport of loads through efficient planning and optimization.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Lead Time Analysis


In the oil and gas industry, lead time analysis plays a critical role in the timing and sizing of purchase order decisions. This makes it vital to predict lead times accurately and develop strategies for coping with possible challenges created due to lead time variations.

Using our oil and gas data analytics capabilities and industry expertise, we’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio of oil and gas analytics solutions that play a crucial role in reducing lead time and inventory costs.

To become responsible energy majors, oil and gas companies must innovate and integrate sustainable practices. We support businesses in achieving their goals by transforming how they operate and interoperate through our mission-critical E&P solutions.

The projects we’ve worked on have helped us collaborate with leading oil and gas companies and better understand the challenges of a highly regulated, evolving oil and gas landscape.

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