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Innovation in the oil and gas industry

Historically, the oil and gas sector has been driven by technology and innovation to discover, develop, and deliver according to the ever-increasing market demand. Several advanced oil and gas innovation and technology are emerging, but it is often challenging to characterize the direction and pace of innovation in the sector.

Quantzig’s innovation center for oil and gas companies aims to redefine production possibilities and enhance growth across the value chain by leveraging the sector’s latest technological advancements. Our oil and gas analytics solutions also help businesses gain predictive insights into resource availability, track, monitor production processes, and visualize outcomes on interactive dashboards.

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Our advanced analytics solutions pave the way for innovation and end-to-end digital transformation in the oil and gas industry.

Big Data

The ongoing tug of war for market share and profitability have prompted leading enterprises in the oil and gas industry to streamline operations & deliver adequate returns to investors. Using big data analytics in the oil and gas industry, businesses will be well-equipped to orchestrate production planning, execution, and measurement to drive profitable outcomes.

By leveraging big data analytics in the oil and gas industry, businesses can better align their operations with long term business goals and adopt suitable measures to improve on-time deliveries, manage commodities, and enhance productivity.

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Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning


Technological developments such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have provided significant revenue-generating opportunities for companies in the oil and gas industry. To make the most of such opportunities, businesses must leverage oil and gas predictive analytics and data visualization tools.

Using Quantzig’s oil and gas analytics solutions, companies can use available data to inform decision-making and improve the bottom line.

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) in the oil and gas industry is on the path to becoming the ‘new normal.’ Embedding physical objects with electronics, software, sensors, and network connectivity allows an unprecedented advantage to collect and exchange large volumes of data using a central platform.

IoT in oil and gas also helps in sensor-based tank monitoring, Acoustic operations monitoring, drilling rig productivity, and reduce expensive equipment use. Quantzig helps oil and gas companies assimilate data captured on the sensors through IoT and transform them into meaningful insights and action plans.

Action Analytics
Infusing innovation into the business culture and putting practices in place to support that culture empowers oil and gas companies to streamline operations and reduce costs due to budget overruns and production delays.
As the oil and gas industry faces continued pressure to streamline operations and reduce costs it becomes crucial to leverage data to tackle these challenges.

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