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Providing transportation and logistics analytics services we help companies in the industy achieve sustainability, improve market share, and reduce costs

How we help our clients through transportation and logistics analytics solutions

Rising fuel costs, demanding customers, increasingly stringent environmental regulations, need for optimized delivery times, etc. are some of the major challenges faced by businesses in the transport and logistics sector. Quantzig’s primary objective in this sector is to provide clients that operate across the transportation industry (including road, rail, maritime, and aviation) with actionable insights that will help them achieve sustainability, improve market share, and reduce costs.

What do we offer?

Alleviating profit margins resulting in increasing regulatory restrictions and capital-intensive operations, has compelled transport and logistics industries to find ways to improve operation excellence to ensure profitability. Organizations today require solutions which provide global footprint while enabling quicker response times, efficient supplier and partner management, optimal asset utilization, and greater profits.

To help achieve these goals, we provide transportation and logistics analytics solutions, which assist in all shipping, operations and logistics scheduling decisions. Our solutions help clients perceive greater visibility into all field and fleet operations to identify operational challenges, streamline process, and increase productivity.

Solutions we provide

Asset Utilization
& Optimization
Capacity Analysis
& Optimization
Channel Optimization
Deliveries Analysis
Logistics Engineering
Order Management
or Fulfillment
Resource Utilization
Revenue Per Mile
& Efficiency
Spend Analysis

Technological advances in the transport and logistics industry has achieved considerable growth in customer interface, resulting in customers seeking out complete information on every activity of their orders. This has necessitated companies across the world to develop service strategies and optimize service delivery as a differentiating factor, to attract and retain customers and improve customer lifetime value.

To enable companies achieve these goals, Quantzig provides advanced transportation and logistics analytics solutions to minimize service management costs and increase satisfaction through user-friendly service. It also helps organizations maximize early detection of service, application and employee issues, facilitate targeted service delivery, and reduce response time.

Solutions we provide

Component Failure
Contract & Warranty
Fleet Service & Remote
Support Analysis
Helpdesk Service
Inventory Management
Parts Requirements
Service Planning
& Forecasting
Shop Capacity Planning
Workstation Layout

The ever-increasing competitive scenario has compelled organizations in the transportation and logistics industry to focus on achieving greater network management, shipping, routing, and scheduling optimization and developing efficient logistics strategies in order to deliver high return on investments.

To help organizations accomplish these factors, Quantzig provides perfectly designed transportation and logistics analytics solutions to identify and mitigate risks associated with budgeting, spend and resource under-utilization and create accurate demand planning, logistics management, fleet and route planning, and financial planning based on accurate forecasting methods and statistical modeling.

Solutions we provide

Cost Management &
Budget Optimization
Demand Planning/Sales
& Operations (S&OP)
Fleet Management
Freight Analysis
Demand Forecasting
& Optimization
Network Redesign
Route Optimization
Schedule Optimization
Supply Chain &
Logistics Optimization

Introduction to our transportation and logistics analytics case studies


Social Media Analytics Helps in Improving B2C Service Orders by 5 Times for Postal Service Provider

Business Challenge: A postal, shipping and freight services provider wanted to understand the customer sentiments and concerns with regards to its B2C services.

Situation: The client wanted to understand the perceptions, experiences and sentiments prevailing in social media regarding its B2C services, and how they were different from what the customers were saying about its competitors, in order to ascertain the areas of improvement in services.

Impact: Based on our insights from social media analytics, the client resolved the complaints about delays in courier deliveries and lost shipments, and also made significant changes to its shipments’ online tracking and monitoring on the website. This improved the visitors’ activity to the site by 8 folds and multiplied the B2C order quantity by 5 times.

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Shipment Accuracy Analytics Reduces Shipment Costs for Transportation Service Provider

Business Challenge: A leading company in the transportation industry wanted to setup process for shipment accuracy and visibility.

Situation: The client wanted to design a data based solution for monitoring the accuracy of its shipments and also gain visibility on the shipment status across the supply chain.

Impact: With our transportation and logistics analytics services, the client was able to gain an excellent system for tracking the shipment and also conducting root cause analysis. This helped the client gain visibility across the supply chain with improved process. It also improved shipment accuracy and reduced cost of failure and delays, along with customized reporting for different user groups.

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