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The Transportation and Logistics Industry Landscape

The transportation and logistics industry is confronting colossal changes. This includes digital transformations, dynamic customer expectations, evolving business models, and changing customer expectations. Honing strategies to remain competitive amidst these market disruptions is the key to thrive. Nimble organizations in the sector are leveraging analytics solutions for better logistics management through data-backed insights. Quantzig’s advanced analytics solutions mitigate critical transportation and logistics risks and identify issues before they happen.  Our data analytics solution enables better order fulfillment, shipping and delivery tracking, and future planning accuracy with end-to-end visibility into your supply chain and all its moving parts.

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a new set of challenges in terms of impediments in trade and transport and dictates new norms for the transportation and logistics ecosystem. Quantzig’s transportation and logistics analytics aim to address issues impacting customers, transportation, warehousing, and inventory, focusing on immediate, mid-term, and long-term plans for sustained logistics and supply chain resiliency. At Quantzig, we believe that big data and analytics is paramount to navigate and recover from such unprecedented events that cause business upheavals. 

Our Solution Portfolio

Our advanced logistics and transportation analytics solutions enable companies to harness the true potential of their data to bring about significant process improvements.

Fuel Cost Optimization

Managing fuel efficiency while managing fuel cost planning and optimization is highly complex and challenging. Dynamic price fluctuations in the fuel market necessitate companies in the transportation and logistics sector to leverage analytics solutions to strategize for efficient fuel allocation and minimize associated costs.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Network Optimization


Substantial expertise and decision-making skills are required to create a logistics and supply chain network that effectively manages production facilities, warehouse locations, and modes to yield cost-competitive benefits.

Quantzig’s logistics and supply chain analytics solutions empower businesses to rethink and remodel transportation and logistics networks to attain cost efficiencies and drive value.

Sales and Operations

Get ahead of the competition and focus on network management & route optimization with cutting-edge transportation and logistics analytics solutions designed to identify and mitigate risks in the transportation and logistics industry.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Cost Optimization

Reducing transportation costs is often a challenge, especially for intermediate and large-sized transport and logistics companies, as curtailing costs primarily entail purchasing cost optimization and operational management improvement with adequate data sets.  

Qunatzig’s transportation and logistics analytics solutions help identify significant cost-cutting and optimizing levers for businesses. Our team of analysts also assists in re-engineering processes for streamlining and unlocking value in supply chain processes.

Fleet Management

To thrive in the long-term, shipping companies must focus on digitizing fleet operations and prioritizing sustainable practices.

Working in partnership with Quantzig, companies in the sector can ensure performance optimization for routing vessels, minimize fleet maintenance costs, manage empty-container repositioning, and prepare sustainable climate action strategies.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal

Warehouse Management

The rise of e-commerce and the consequent proliferation of SKUs is increasing the complexity of warehouse operations. Improper organization and inefficient operations often result in roadblocks and delays in the entire supply chain.  As such, traditional warehouse management practices are no longer adequate to manage the heightening demand and volumes.

 While enormous amounts of data are collected along the supply chain, generating insights and value from it is challenging. This is where Quantzig’s analytics solution comes into play. Our experts leverage descriptive, prescriptive, predictive, and cognitive analytics to identify warehouse management gaps that are often overlooked and helps businesses optimize warehouses without missing a beat.

Reverse Logistics Management

Today, companies need to look beyond merely delivering products to their customers. With the rising volume of returns from the flourishing e-commerce space, businesses must be prepared with policies, processes, and infrastructure in place to manage the impact of returns on the bottom line.

Our unmatched set of analytics capabilities in reverse logistics management enable organizations to transform siloed returns processes and policies into a holistic reverse logistics strategy and minimize the costs involved. Quantzig’s real-time analytics also facilitates business decisions on the go to prevent future supply chain disruptions.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal


Almost every organization is faced with the challenge to innovate and digitally transform its business based on customer and stakeholder requirements. At Quantzig, we believe that analytics is the key to embracing innovation strategies and gaining a leading edge.

Our experts have worked with leading players in the transportation and logistics industry to quickly understand and act on market opportunities and enhance operational visibility through advanced predictive forecasting models. Titans of the industry also partner with us to stay informed and plan ahead for the sector’s breakthroughs.   

Today around one-third of delivery costs are incurred in tackling the last-mile delivery challenges. Transportation and logistics analytics solutions delivered by Quantzig will help companies leverage fleet management solutions to effectively address seasonal peaks in demand and streamline operations within the transportation and logistics industry to ensure adherence to schedules.

Several businesses today strive to synchronize siloed procurement, logistics, and fulfillment operations. Quantzig’s analytics solutions will unlock valuable business insights and help transportation and logistics industry firms to gain greater control of their networks while driving profitability.

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