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Adapt to a world of changing mobility and creating a path to transformation through data analytics in fleet management.

Fleet management often presents a complex set of challenges. But, in today’s tech-savvy world, data is readily available to help make decisions about fleet at scale. Leveraging data-intensive computing techniques and advanced predictive modeling solutions facilitate transportation and logistics businesses to make smarter decisions.

Effective fleet management is essential to reduce breakdowns while cutting fuel spend and unplanned maintenance costs. Quantzig’s core competencies in the sector are spread across decision support, data analytics & statistical modeling, and research services, underpinned by a deep understanding of fleet management services. With in-depth analytics expertise and technical prowess, we build custom solutions, multi-platform, and near real-time solutions to help players gain complete end-to-end information management about their fleet and formulate strategic solutions to solve key challenges.

Our Solution Portfolio

Fleet Visibility Analysis

Maintaining fleet visibility is one of the most critical aspects of fleet management, yet most organizations struggle to maintain optimal fleet visibility and accurately track fleet insights. Outdated systems don’t provide near real-time insight into how your fleet operates, which can result in inefficiencies, downtime, and poor spending decisions. This is where the benefits of a collaborative fleet visibility analysis come into play.  

Our data analytics solutions offer increased visibility into your fleet operations, providing the right information that you need to maximize fleet productivity and reduce costs. Our big data analytics solutions aim to provide companies with a bird’s eye view of real challenges impacting fleet visibility and remediation measures.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

On-Time Delivery Analysis


On-time delivery (OTD) is a direct touchstone of the supply chain efficiency of an organization. Poor on-time delivery performance has a severe impact not only on the customers but also on inadequate production and material handling efficiencies. The prime reasons for failure in OTD that most businesses face are the lack of accurate data-driven insights, inconsistent planning, and inadequate monitoring of operations. Big data analytics play a pivotal role in enhancing on-time-deliveries.

Quantzig’s pure-play big data analytics and predictive analytics solutions help transportation and logistics companies accurately identify blind spots in the supply chain, enabling the foresight to plan ahead and make adjustments to mitigate those risks.

Predictive Maintenance

Fleet managers are increasingly turning to predictive analytics to stay on top of maintenance requirements, and failure risks well in advance. But the real challenge lies in managing and analyzing large volumes of data gained through sensors.  Leveraging massive volumes of data from sensors often proves tedious, time-consuming, and costly.

Our predictive analytics solutions act as a kingpin for fleet management success by capturing real-time data to pinpoint risks and high costs well in advance to help managers plan capacity and costs effectively.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

Compliance Analysis

It is essential for fleet management companies to remain in regulatory compliance while promoting a safe environment. Safety and compliance go hand-in-hand as a top priority for fleets. Vehicle inspection compliance, maintenance compliance, and safety compliance are critical measures that fleet managers must put into place.

At Quantzig, we help increase visibility into your mobile assets and operators for promoting safety solutions to prevent non-compliance risks and uncover significant issues before they translate to business risks.

Health and Safety

Fleet safety and driver safety are paramount to ensure efficient fleet management operations. Enforcing and monitoring health and safety measures facilitates the early identification and rectification of various fleet-related health and safety hazards. There is a growing interest in predictive analytics to help prevent accidents and promote safety in fleets.

We provide cutting-edge predictive analytics solutions knit data together to produce a more accurate depiction of driver and fleet risk and take help you take proactive remedial action. Our analytics solutions focus on standardization, making the data easier to consume, analyze, and report.

Net Promotion
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Cost Management

It is imperative for fleet managers to create strategies that help them reduce fleet costs and improve bottom lines, minimize overheads, and manage budgets. Moreover, overspends need to be quickly identified and rectified to retain overall profitability and reduce costs.

Partner with Quantzig to leverage best-in-class analytics solutions that put you in a strong position to better manage spends while creating the ideal opportunity to minimize costs.

With efficient fleet management, companies can track real-time transport data and optimize freight movement and routing efficiently. It also helps in optimizing fleet operations, reducing environmental impact, improving customer experience, and optimizing transit schedules by predicting the impact of congestion, maintenance, and accidents.

Quantzig’s advanced fleet management analytics help companies map each vehicle usage, vehicle fuel consumption, time taken across regular routes, capacity and idle time, in order to optimize fleet management and ensure on-time transportation schedules.

Request a free proposal to learn how you can leverage our advanced fleet management solutions to maintain equipment, improve fleet productivity, avoid costly downtime, enhance customer relationships, and build customer loyalty.

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