Fuel Cost Optimization

Find new opportunities to effectively manage and optimize fuel costs with real-time visibility into route plans, fuel prices, freight movement, and risks.

The transportation and logistics industry trends that took shape over the last decade have significantly impacted the way businesses function today. Evidently, for the transport industry, the year 2020 kicked off a decade with breakthroughs in data science, AI & ML, and optimization, leading up to a paradigm shift with a focus on tackling skyrocketing fuel prices.

Few companies upgraded their systems to achieve scheduling precision, while the others leveraged technology to compare route plans and balance goals with costs. But to make the most of fuel cost optimization solutions, companies must first analyze fleet operations and then identify improvement areas.

Given the ongoing cost management challenges, it’s time to take advantage of better data and industry best practices to bring your fuel management strategy to the limelight. With breakthroughs in technology continuing to disrupt the way the transportation industry perceives fuel cost management, Quantzig aims to foster this spirit of innovation with advanced analytics-driven fuel cost optimization solutions. Our solutions are comprehensive and cover routing, strategic transportation planning, and scheduling optimization, providing companies with insights for planning the optimal delivery routes and reducing costs.

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Fuel Consumption Assessment

With fuel costs being the largest operating expense, managing fuel consumption is a major concern for transportation and logistics companies. High fuel consumption rates not only hit the bottom-line but have a direct impact on the sustainability initiatives of transport businesses.

Quantzig helps its clients monitor and manage their fuel consumption rate, improving their costs, productivity, and sustainability practices. Our comprehensive assessment-based reports also gauge fuel efficiency, analyze fuel consumption and fill-up patterns, and distance covered, helping you identify fuel-related fraud by contrasting these events with fuel usage and transaction data sets.

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Routing and Scheduling Optimization

Mapping out accurate routes and schedules is essential since it ensures faster turnaround time and compliance. Advanced routing and scheduling solutions help companies make the best use of their fleets, reduce fuel consumption, and lower carbon emissions.

Our fuel cost optimization solutions are designed by leveraging advanced algorithms to optimize transportation and logistics operations and incorporate digital route mapping to calculate the most effective delivery schedules. As a result, optimized routes improve resource utilization and simultaneously minimize mileage, lowering fuel costs.

The growing competition within the transportation and logistics industry coupled with rising fuel costs, demanding customers, and the need for optimized delivery times have created the need for businesses to drive outcomes using advanced logistics analytics solutions.

We can help organizations achieve sustainable growth, improve market share, and reduce costs with the help of our intelligent, actionable insights.

The ongoing need to reduce fuel costs has prompted businesses to capitalize on operational and monetary growth opportunities.

Request a free proposal to learn how we help transport and logistics companies find new fuel cost optimization opportunities using analytical insights.

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