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The Utilities Industry Landscape

The utilities industry has undergone a massive and permanent change from every perspective. Several market forces have played an active role in redefining the way utilities operate and engage with their prospects in the last five years than ever before. The changes occurring in the utilities industry are all inter-connected and highly data-driven, making ‘data’ a crucial aspect in managing decentralized energy distribution systems and renewables. Hence continuous access to data-driven insights drives an industry-wide transformation, helping forward-thinking utilities companies anticipate and devise new operational models.

Amidst this backdrop of ongoing industry-wide transformations, what are the opportunities and challenges faced by businesses operating in the utilities industry? Strategic discussions with our clients from the utilities industry have helped identify key focus areas where data can drive maximum impact. We’ve curated these learning and industry expertise into a comprehensive portfolio of utilities analytics solutions. These solutions cater to the utilities industry’s diverse needs, right from devising new service models, enhancing operational efficiencies, and innovation to delivering superior customer experiences.

Our Solution Portfolio

With over a decade of experience in serving leading power & utilities companies, our industry specialists and analytics experts continually work towards ensuring our skills remain focused and relevant to the utilities industry’s operational and commercial demands.

Marketing Analytics

As utilities companies seek to optimize operations in the evolving energy market, many are leveraging technologies to turn gigantic troves of data sets into actionable marketing insights.

Regardless of the marketing maturity, Quantzig aims to help its clients turn data into insights and insights into real value by embedding analytics into key decision-making processes. Quantzig’s marketing analytics solutions empower you to reimagine marketing workflows, offer personalized customer experiences, and create new strategies to drive lasting brand loyalty.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Customer Analytics


To cope with the capacity and investment constraints had been a significant challenge for the utilities industry in recent times. These factors, coupled with rising consumer demands to address climate change concerns, have prompted companies to embrace utilities analytics.

To ensure their customers stay abreast of the energy impact, reduce usage, and understand the need for energy efficiency, companies must integrate customer data and develop insights-based solutions to improve customer relationships. Our utilities analytics solutions enable power and utilities companies to achieve this goal by enhancing core capabilities around customer experience management, customer acquisition, and customer retention.

Pricing Analytics

In today’s dynamic business scenario, rethinking pricing strategies and business goals play a vital role in extracting maximum value from your analytical investments. Adopting the right approach to pricing analytics can deliver measurable value for utilities and drive businesses to new efficiency frontiers.

Our utilities analytics experts have a proven track record and expertise required to implement impactful pricing strategies, even in crises. Underpinned by advanced pricing capabilities and domain knowledge, our utilities analytics solutions enable organizations to expand their business by leveraging advanced pricing insights.

Action Analytics
Customer Satisfaction

IoT Analytics

While sensor data can offer substantial value-driving opportunities, unlocking these insights can be a complicated process. All predictive analytics efforts involve data cleaning; however, the volume and variety of data obtained from sensors place an even greater burden on this process involving data cleansing, storage, preparation, and infrastructure redesign.

With proven expertise in all the phases of sensor data management, Quantzig helps the utilities industry process raw sensor data to obtain meaningful predictive results. Regardless of your data analytics maturity and where data analysis takes place, i.e., in the cloud or in situ, Quantzig can work with you to find solutions to your unique challenges.

Energy Theft and Fraud Analytics

Today energy theft and fraud are everyday occurrences in the utilities industry, emphasizing the need to establish mechanisms to predict and minimize these events. Recent technological advancements and analytical capabilities, combined with rapidly expanding data volumes, have made this possible by uncovering new opportunities to detect fraud and prevent energy theft.

But the adaptive nature of theft and fraud management calls for statistical and intelligent systems for detection purposes. That’s where Quantzig’s utilities analytics solutions come into play. Our approach leverages machine learning and data modeling techniques to industrialize the energy theft and fraud detection process, enhance success rates, and reduce the cost of traditional fraud detection methods.

Net Promotion
Customer Loyal

Innovation in Utilities

The unprecedented need to drive improvements in healthcare innovation has prompted healthcare stakeholders to leverage the power of analytics in healthcare to enhance service efficiency, clinical outcomes, and patient satisfaction. At the same time, the increasing number of connected devices driven by the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), AI, IoT, and healthcare analytics comes at a critical time as barriers to access healthcare services continue to increase.

At Quantzig, we help clients lead this transition through our advanced healthcare analytics solutions that help improve their bottom line and move from fee-based to value-based healthcare models.

Quantzig’s holistic portfolio of utilities analytics solutions helps power & utilities companies capitalize on smarter, innovative processes. The end-to-end solution offerings propel companies to outperform their competitors and achieve operational excellence.

Our utilities analytics experts possess the domain knowledge required to design and implement real-time solutions and smart energy projects serving our clients across the entire utility value chain.

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