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The confluence of global megatrends has significantly impacted the utilities industry by introducing new operational and competitive challenges. Innovation is a top priority for tackling these challenges, and, just as in other industries, technology plays a crucial role in the utilities industry. Not only does technology underpin most of the transformational processes in utilities, but it is transforming the way businesses operate. As such, the focus of utility companies is to create a business culture that promotes innovation and drives end-to-end process transformation to thrive in the modern era.

With market dynamics, new energy sources, and the rapid emergence of game-changing technologies empowering utilities to be in charge of the energy destiny and creation of a greener planet, it’s clear that those who fail to seize the opportunity to evolve risk being left behind in the ongoing race to success. Quantzig promises to add value to your transformation initiatives by empowering you with the capabilities and agility to innovate and thrive in an ever-evolving environment.

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Big Data in Utilities

Big data analytics is providing utilities with an opportunity to manage end-to-end operations through data-driven decision making. By leveraging data and analytics, utility companies can improve operational reliability through predictive maintenance and enhance productivity through improved planning and execution.

A detailed understanding of the role of big data and innovation in utilities has helped us develop industry-leading analytics solutions that are focused on the fundamentals that drive transformation in utilities. From credit risk analysis and collections optimization to smart grid data management and asset management, our big data analytics solutions help address the challenges facing utilities.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning


Artificial intelligence and machine learning find many applications across a range of industries. But unlike the others, it is in the utilities industry that AI and ML are beginning to establish some of their most impactful effects across key business areas, especially when it comes to innovation in utilities.

With AI and ML algorithms redefining how utility companies manage their infrastructure, it is gaining widespread, global adoption. Our solutions leverage AI and ML to offer benefits that extend well beyond enhancing customer engagement and compliance and include better transmission, distribution planning, and identification of new electrification opportunities to bolster bottom-line growth.

Internet of Things

The industry-wide shift from traditional power generators to network integrators has enabled utility companies to expand into newer markets, drive reliability and agility, and play an active part in driving innovation in utilities and the centralized management of smart grids.

As valuable as IoT is in today’s business world, it’s vital for the utilities of tomorrow. But with new technologies come more significant risks and security threats. Quantzig’s flexible, scalable analytics solutions help address these risks and security threats across the strategy, delivery, and execution phases of the IoT program, thereby helping utilities companies and the broader ecosystem to innovate and operate effortlessly.

Action Analytics

Emerging technologies will present new opportunities to innovate and drive outcomes, and utilities must tackle the disruptions and capitalize on these opportunities to drive business value and growth.

For decades, utilities companies’ core business processes have been centered around complex operations to deliver reliable services to their customers. But today, innovation in utilities is key to drive change, address the ongoing challenges, enhance processes, and drive process transparency.

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