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IOT Analytics

The ability to process IoT data on a real-time basis is a crucial component of success in today’s complex business scenario. However, it’s not easy, given the challenges in large-scale IoT adoption and deployment. When we look at utility companies that have successfully realized the true potential of IoT data, there are only a few such instances, while a majority lack the advanced analytics capabilities to take advantage of the data generated from sensors.

While utilities companies are preparing themselves to become IoT ready, it’s essential to note that the road to IoT analytics is fraught with challenges. With over a decade’s experience in delivering customized analytics solutions for the utility industry, we understand the client’s business, data sources, existing infrastructure, IoT analytics requirements and offer solutions to address the current challenges and stay prepared to meet the future requirements.

Our Solution Portfolio

The ubiquity of embedded sensors has led to an explosion of data from connected devices, user logs, and equipment. Advanced IoT analytics offers several opportunities to deliver value from these vast data sets.

Anomaly Detection and Predictive Maintenance

Tackling issues around energy efficiency and optimization is one of the biggest challenges facing the utilities industry today. With the influx of data from various sources, there is additional pressure to eliminate flaws in workflows and find effective ways of using data to design optimized power grids. At Quantzig, we see improved maintenance as a crucial aspect of tackling these challenges and offer solutions that cover different maintenance aspects in utilities, including anomaly detection and predictive maintenance.

Our predictive maintenance solutions integrate sensor and machine data to help determine the condition of equipment and infrastructure. Through our solutions, we also empower clients with robust approaches to maintenance planning and infrastructure upgrades by analyzing machine data and modeling environmental variables at scale to generate actionable insights and precise predictions.

Customer Lifetime Value
Customer Segmentation

Asset Management and Optimization

Energy and utility companies depend on critical assets to drive their business forward. But aging infrastructure, coupled with recent investments in smart grids and pipeline replacements, has given rise to the need for sophisticated asset management approaches to manage assets with a single, scalable system.

To address these challenges, utilities companies should consider their asset management strategy to be a combination of solutions that work in conjunction to deliver maximum value, safety, and reliability, based on each utility’s unique budgetary constraints and asset management requirements. Quantzig’s advanced IoT analytics solutions help utilities companies to optimize asset management, streamline services, and save money while boosting safety and performance.

Customer Behavior Analytics

Given the recent shift in consumers’ role from being passive loads to prosumers, to succeed in the utilities of the future, businesses will need to understand customers at the individual level. But to do so, businesses must extend their scope beyond the traditional customer segmentation approaches. However, not all utilities are regulated alike, and often customers in different geographies behave differently.

As utilities companies adapt to technological changes, including changing customer behaviors, analytics will be a key driver of competitive advantage. Quantzig helps its clients by offering customer behavior analytics solutions that leverage machine learning techniques, time-series analysis, and uncertainty quantification for customer behavior classification and segmentation.

Action Analytics

With huge volumes of sensor data from connected devices, usage logs, and equipment monitors, there are ample opportunities to drive value in the utility industry. Whether you are new to analytics or looking to augment existing capabilities, we can provide the right support and analytics capabilities to make the most of your data sets.

Our solutions help you enhance grid reliability and efficiency by integrating new, connected technologies to better serve your customers.

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