25% Reduction in Employee Turnover Rates Achieved by a Food Outlet through the Implementation of Turnover Prediction Model

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Reducing employee turnover.

A leading food outlet wanted to understand the reason behind the increasing turnover of its employees and find ways of improving retention.

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Day-to-day operations being affected due to a significant increase in employee turnover.

The client was experiencing a constant increase in employee turnover, which had a bad impact on their operations and ability to handle customers. This eventually started impacting customer satisfaction.


A turnover prediction model for early identification of outlets at high risk.

We conducted data analysis on survey results conducted with existing and outgoing employees. On the basis of this data, we were able to assess the primary reasons behind the turnover. We also developed a turnover prediction model with high accuracy and conducted regression analysis on the top factors to create clusters of high risk. The client was able to use our customized dashboards for data visualization of predicted turnover and outlets at high risk.

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Reduced employee turnover and efficient risk mitigation planning resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Our solution helped the client gain insights into the reasons for increasing employee turnover. We also deployed a mechanism to raise an on-time risk flag that predicted potential turnover and high-risk zones, which helped the client create risk mitigation planning and linking it to seasonal absences, resignation trends, etc. The client strengthened its recruitment planning which helped in avoiding being blindsided by the loss of critical workforce. The major benefit was a reduction in turnover rate by up to 25%.

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