30% Improved Service Levels Achieved by a Leading Beverage Manufacturer through Demand Forecasting and Inventory Management Model Implementation

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Eliminating Issues with the accuracy of demand forecasting.

A leading beverage manufacturer was facing issues with its ability to conduct demand forecasting and determine the optimal volumes of products to be manufactured.

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Issues with managing day to day operations and making efficient use of customer data.

As a result of non-accurate demand forecasting, the client was facing issues such as frequent stock-outs, problems with lead times, managing demand levels with suppliers, and making efficient use of data from retailers.


Implemented demand forecasting and inventory management model.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of the existing customer data to classify the information by products, customers/retailers, purchase patterns, seasonal trends, etc. These details were aggregated and we used regression models to devise a robust demand forecasting and inventory management model.

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Improved service levels and accuracy of forecasting.

The client was able to improve its service levels through the implementation of effective demand forecasting and inventory management model, which allowed them in accurate demand forecasting at an individual product and retailer levels.

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