70% Loss Reduction Achieved by a Leading FMCG Company by the Implementation of Multi-Factor Price Forecasting Methods

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Implementation of a robust price forecasting mechanism.

The client wanted to develop a robust price forecasting mechanism that could help them negotiate better rates with suppliers and optimize future raw material inventory levels.

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Lack of visibility on future prices and negotiation support.

The client was experiencing a lack of visibility on future Pyridine prices resulting in budgeting issues and supply chain fluctuations. In addition, the client also did not have access to fact-based insights that could enable them to negotiate long-term contracts with suppliers at individual category or product levels.


Pricing analytics solution enabling dynamic pricing at SKU and product levels.

We developed a multi-factor price forecasting model capturing various macro and micro-economic factors including Pyridine specific demand and supply factors. This model provided accurate price forecasting information and insights for improving supply chain efficiency.

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Reduced levels of losses and improved supply chain efficiency.

Our model helped the client in reducing losses by 70% in the first year along with improved supply chain efficiencies and optimized Pyridine inventory levels.

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