A/B Testing Engagement for an Online Food Retail Client Helps Improve Content Engagement

Apr 14, 2018

The Business Challenge

The client, a leading online food retail client with a strong online presence, was facing challenges in measuring the value of their marketing and advertising campaigns. Additionally, the client wanted to create better value for its customers by comparing two types or variations of their online and offline campaigns such as landing pages, ad texts, headlines, and call-to-actions through A B testing. The online food retail firm wanted to gain more insights on A B testing to eliminate guesswork and find a perfect combination.

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The Solution Benefit

Quantzig’s A B testing solution helped the online food retail client to identify the version (A or B) that their visitors and customers would find most engaging. A B testing engagement also helped the client to avoid unnecessary risks by allowing them to target their resources for maximum effect and efficiency. This, in turn, helped them increase ROI in terms of both short and long-term conversions. Furthermore, with the help of A B testing solutions, the client identified a suitable combination that helped them reduce cart abandonment and encouraged more visitors to complete the checkout process.

A B Testing Predictive Insights

With the help of A B testing solutions from Quantzig, companies can improve content engagement as it forces them to evaluate every aspect of the content that is created. A B testing also helps companies identify a winning combination of elements that keeps visitors on the site long enough to provide them with the value of the content which may ultimately lead to a sale.

Online Food Retail Market

Online food retail refers to the purchase of fresh and packaged food through online portals which covers a wide range of products such as bakery and dairy products, cereals, vegetables, and fruits. Retailers in this market space offer services such as click and collect option and subscription option to ease the consumers’ online grocery shopping experience.

Over the past few years, ways of buying food have evolved owing to the easy availability of products through stores and online retail options. The growth of the online food retail space is anticipated to witness robust growth in the coming years as people today opt for online food shopping as it is convenient and offers an extensive range variety of products, which can be delivered to the consumer’s doorstep within a stipulated time. Additionally, customers can keep track of their spending as well. The growth of the online food retail space is also marked by hectic schedules, increasing working population, and tedious commuting, which provides opportunities to businesses and entrepreneurs to set up online food retail platforms.

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However, our analysis of the online retail space shows that the food retail players are facing challenges in terms of:

  • Storage and Delivery Costs: Typically, perishable items require more investment in storage and delivery infrastructure (refrigeration). Special delivery containers, warehouses, and specialized delivery vans must be there to ensure perishables are delivered fresh which requires lots of capital.
  • Inefficient Delivery: Today, online food retail players are finding it increasingly difficult to break the threshold called hyper-local segments with one delivery system, especially when the customers expect same-hour delivery. Moreover, product quality, time, and delivery cost also pose a massive challenge for efficient deliveries.

Many such factors are compelling online food retail players to leverage the use of A B testing solutions. A B testing solutions help companies examine visitor and customer behavior on the site before committing to major decisions and helps them to increase the chances of success. Not only does A B testing help convert more site visitors into buyers, but it also helps companies achieve higher values for their products and services.

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