Advanced Analytics for a Leading Banking Sector: A Quantzig Success Study

Jul 30, 2018

Global Banking Sector Overview

The largest banking sector corporations in the world have significantly enhanced their capital position over the years since the global crisis. While there is an enduring debate in some corners that banking sector players are still not satisfactorily capitalized, it is certain that the dangerously thin buffers of the pre-crisis era are gone. Additionally, most banking sector corporations have resolved the majority of the legacy conduct issues. Moreover, mitigation expenses are falling and while banking sector corporations continue to reshape their footprints, players are signaling that the associated restructuring costs will shortly peak.

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Banking Sector Challenges

  • Macroeconomic Risks: For banking sector players, uncertainties in the macroeconomic setting together with persistent and high levels of debt across corporate, sovereign, and consumer sectors lay the groundwork for asset bubbles to burst in the event of instability.
  • Technology Risks: Failure to capitalize appropriately in secure, agile systems that improve digital and mobile banking can result in significant damage for players in the banking sector while compounding the menace for cyber-attacks.

Engagement Summary

About the Client

An American multinational financial services corporation and investment bank headquartered in the United States. 

Client’s Challenge

The company wanted to make use of financial crime and advanced analytics to better quantify and categorize their risk exposure, assess the effectiveness of their financial crime programs, and detect and deter criminal behavior. Additionally, the banking sector client wanted to build an effective customer’s payment gateway and allow teams of users to quickly identify themes, trends, and look at individual customer activity.

Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s advanced analytics, the banking sector client optimized their database for certain predefined searches by the customer, by value, and by country. The client also understood the flows down specific corridors and in certain currencies. Furthermore, the client gained a deeper understanding of their customer activity across the world with the help of Quantzig’s advanced analytics. This helped them utilize the power of the centralized database to test the effectiveness of the payment control environment and identify any weaknesses across the industry.

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Advanced Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s advanced analytics helps banking sector clients make improvements out of almost all their activities; thereby, enhancing the traditional P&L levers. Advanced analytics also directly improves the demand capacity management of a company by allowing real-time insights into the demand/capacity curve. Additionally, as advanced analytics eliminate problems from the supply chain, banking sector customers can enjoy more reliable and consistent delivery times and service quality.

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