Analytics Process Optimization Reduces Operations Cost by up to 50% for a Fortune 500 Company

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge

Data analytics for better data management.

A Fortune 500 client wanted a global analytics partner capable of delivering quality data analytics services on a consistent basis.

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Need for management of huge volumes of data.

The client had experienced a huge explosion in data including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data across different channels. They were looking for a combination of process excellence, resource quality, and domain capabilities for management of the large data volumes.


Process transformation and process improvement roadmap development.

We conducted an initial assessment and created a roadmap for process improvement. We also implemented significant process transformation across data management and analytics processes, along with the integration of various analysis and reporting needs across teams. We implemented continuous improvement with a target on year on year productivity gains.

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Up to 50% reduction in operations costs.

The client gained improved processes with better visibility of data and reporting needs. Our solutions also helped the client with standardized and consolidated KPIs and metrics across BUs and geographies with the removal of redundant reports. This improved the deliverable quality with YOY cost savings and productivity improvement. And the client was able to reduce the overall cost of operations by 30-50%.

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