Increasing Product Sales for Automotive Components Manufacturer Through an Effective Sales Forecast Solution

Aug 28, 2017

In this rapidly changing business environment, sales forecast becomes an integral part of business management. Especially in the automotive landscape, sales forecast helps companies effectively manage the inventory, cash flow, and implement a strategic plan for the sustenance of the market. Moreover, through a robust sales forecast solution, organizations can further estimate the quantity of goods and services and the profits associated with their sales. Furthermore, organizations can also leverage the use of sales forecast to systematically devise business plans; thereby, reducing the risks and wastage of allocated resources. Moreover, in this competitive-centric environment, sales forecast helps leading automotive businesses to prepare a budget for the future and determine the required production capacity. Based on the market performance, sales forecasts can also help businesses to include products to the existing portfolio and subsequently drop the non-performing products and services. Accurately forecasting sales can further reduce the problems associated with cash flow and production and act in accordance to effectively retain staff and financing needs.

Quantzig’s sales forecast solution assists the client to implement an effective tool in monitoring and managing businesses. The client can further identify problems and opportunities in the automotive space and further analyze the churn rates of the customers. Quantzig’s sales forecast solution also helps organizations to attract new customers and make better-informed decisions.

The Business Challenge

Like all other manufacturing companies, a leading automotive components manufacturer wanted to understand their sales performance. In the initial days, the client saw significant growth in their market shares. However, with the entry of a considerable number of competitors, the automotive components manufacturer started facing challenges retaining their market shares. The client wanted to devise effective strategies to improve product sales and enhance their offerings across the niche market segments. The client also wanted to forecast sales to effectively plan production processes and achieve its goals in terms of sales revenue, efficiency improvement, and customer care.

The primary objective of the engagement was to revamp the existing sales architecture and devise more effective sales plan.

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Sales Forecast Solution Benefits

After gaining a detailed information, the client was able improve marketing performance, gain more profit, and plan policies. This helped the client effectively monitor competitive product or segment trends. Additionally, the client was able to analyze customer growth and track the latest technology development in the automotive space. Quantzig also helped the client forecast past sales data, industry-wide comparisons, and economic trends. This helped them predict short-term and long-term performance and make informed business decisions.

Sales Forecast Solutions Predictive Insights:

  • Efficiently allocate resources to meet the demands
  • Predict and forecast the sales revenue
  • Effectively plan the future growth of the company
  • Manage workforce, cash flow, and resources
  • Acquire investment capital and maximize the ROI

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