Cross-Sell/Up-Sell Analytics Improves Customer Targeting and Customer Profitability for a Financial Services Company

Sep 22, 2016

Business Challenge 

Improving cross sell and up-sell within existing customers.

A leading banking and financial services company wanted to conduct customer analysis to improve their cross-sell/up-sell activities.


Non satisfactory customer targeting for cross-sell and up-sell activities.

The client’s existing process for cross-selling policies and offers was not yielding satisfactory results. The client wanted data-based methodology and insights for identifying potential candidates within its existing customer bases, for cross-selling and up-sell activities.

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Regression analysis, product affinity analysis and prospect scoring.

We conducted an in-depth analysis of customers. Based on this, we set up a 360-degree view of their buying behaviour and integrated the model with customer share of wallet. We conducted a regression analysis for factors and offers selection along with product affinity analysis. We implemented prospect scoring with relevant cross-sell/up-sell offers for successful conversion.


Improved customer targeting and successful sales bids.

Based on our insights, the client gained visibility on the customer behavior, preferences and share of wallet. As a result, the client was able to create more effective campaigns, which improved success rate, enhanced customer retention with increased profitability per customer while also reducing the cost of acquisition.

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