How Quantzig’s Digital Analytics Solutions Aided a Private Banking Client to Drive Higher ROI from Marketing Campaigns

Nov 2, 2018

Importance of Digital Analytics in Banking

Digital analytics solutions help firms in distinguishing the most relevant data and creating meaningful insights to make informed business decisions. The digital analytics in banking also help businesses across the banking sector accumulate, measure and analyze data through websites, mobile applications, and sites. This would, in turn, help them in improving their overall operational efficiency. Moreover, digital analytics helps firms operating in the financial services sector optimize their marketing ROI, content offerings, and overall business performance.

Overview of the Best Private Banking Services

The world is getting wealthier every day as global wealth management pools are expanding significantly across emerging and developed markets. The private banking services industry is a part of the broader wealth management market designed for high-net-worth customers. Early in the period, a weaker performance due to the financial crisis resulted in continued devaluations of many consumers’ assets. Since private banks essentially generate revenue through asset and performance-based fees, investment losses depressed industry revenue. Moreover, some of the best private banking services providers are facing constant pressures to shift from conventional banking models to a convenience-based model due to the increasing use of the internet and smartphones across the globe. Over the subsequent years, private banks will require to take advantage of opportunities while adapting to challenges.

About the Client 

A best private banking services provider firm based out of U.S.

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 Predicaments Faced 

The client, a renowned private banking services provider was facing challenges in providing the applications and software that are compliant and risk-free owing to the rapid globalization across the globe. The firm also wanted to optimize their business and improve financial performance despite all the risk and stringent regulations across the banking industry.  With the help of Quantzig’s digital analytics solution, the client in the banking sector wanted to seek ways to meet the fluctuating demand for the services and diagnose deficiencies in specific channels in their marketing mix and adjust plans to improve their overall digital marketing activities.

Solutions Delivered 

The digital analytics solutions offered by experts at Quantzig helped the client to gain actionable insights on the performance of their websites. The private banking firm was able to understand how well the businesses are performing. Quantzig’s digital analytics solutions also helped the client instantly calculate the return on investment for each marketing channel. Furthermore, the client was capable to manage their digital marketing efforts with flexible dashboards and benchmarks.

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Why Quantzig’s Digital Analytics Solutions? 

Quantzig digital analytics solutions have been assisting clients across the globe with end-to-end data modeling capabilities for more than 15 years. With the help of advanced visualization tools, Quantzig offers customized solutions that meet the exact requirements of clients.

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