Customer Analytics Helps a Financial Services Firm Increase Consumer Reach and Bolster Market Shares

Sep 27, 2017

Today, customers have easy access to all information at any point time at their fingertips and expect superior service from the financial services firms. As a result of their heightened expectations, financial services firms have started adopting customer analytics solutions to devise effective strategies to identify and retain the most profitable customers. Financial services firms leverage the use of customer analytics to determine and build a strong relationship with their high-value customers. Additionally, customer analytics provides effective solutions to serve the existing customers and prevent the rate of attrition in the financial services landscape.

Quantzig’s customer analytics solutions help financial services firms to offer the right product; at the right time to the customers. These solutions help the client to identify the customer risks, minimize attrition, and enhance operational efficiencies. Additionally, with the help of these solutions financial services clients can forecast customer demand and improve marketing campaigns with personalized offerings.

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The Business Challenge

A leading provider of financial services with offices spread across the globe was losing their shares in the market. The client witnessed extraordinary changes in their market shares due to the lower importance given to the customer needs. As a result, the client was looking for ways to recapture and retain their customers and ensure better customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the primary objective of this engagement was to understand the existing client’s buying patterns and retain them.

Customer Analytics Solution Benefits

The customer analytics solutions helped the client identify the potential customers and provided seamless customer experience. They also devised a customer-centric approach to understand the new customers. Additionally, this engagement helped them devise effective marketing strategies to drive sales, optimize market campaigns, and measure the ROI.

Customer Analytics Solution Predictive Insights:

  • Understand customer behavior patterns
  • Analyze the impact of the internet on customer experiences
  • Devise new customer acquisition strategies and increase customer base
  • Enhance brand visibility and tap potential niche market
  • Increase traffic and improve the ROI

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