Pricing Analytics Assists a Leading Consumer Banking Firm to Devise an Effective Pricing Strategy

Oct 6, 2017

The current market scenario is marked by rising cost pressures and changing customer expectations, where pricing plays a pivotal role in retaining customer satisfaction and profitability. Moreover, leading consumer banking firms are shifting toward a value-based approach to pricing to deliver better transparency without compromising the efficiency of their services. To retain customer satisfaction and reduce churn rates, renowned investment banking companies are relying on price analysis to better communicate their pricing decisions and deliver a better value proposition of products and services. Moreover, with the altering consumer preferences to look for cost-effective and seamless solutions, price analysis assists businesses to boost their profitability and increase customer satisfaction with the bank.

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To effectively understand the market dynamics in terms of the supply and the demand for services, the client approached Quantzig’s price analysis experts. With years of expertise in offering a wide array of services, Quantzig’s price analysis solution helps leading businesses improve savings by efficiently understanding consumer behavior. Also, leading consumer banking firms can adjust their pricing strategy to offer incentives for products, thereby improving the pricing decisions.

The Business Challenge

A renowned consumer banking firm with a considerable number of offices spread across the globe was facing a predicament understanding the pricing for the services offered. The client wanted to benchmark the prices of their services with that of the competitors’ offerings and devise an effective pricing strategy to curtail additional costs. The client further wanted to understand the buying behaviors of the customers and provide better transparency in their banking process. Furthermore, the client wanted to understand the regulations and the market efficiency in offering services to the customers. In addition, the client wanted to leverage the use of price analysis to understand the client preferences to further prevent market distortions and inefficiencies in consumer banking.

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Price Analysis Solution Benefits

After gaining complete information into the price analysis solution, the client was able to improve profitability and market share through an effective pricing strategy. Also, the price analysis solution helped the client understand the customer buying decisions and effectively integrate the solutions to meet the pricing needs. Through a price optimization strategy, the client was able to robustly predict the market share and further manage customer profiles more effectively. Furthermore, the client was further able to establish a reliable value-based pricing structure.

Price Analysis Predictive Insights

  • Better understand the customers and drive their loyalty
  • Effectively estimate the impact of pricing on sales volume
  • Robustly understand the impact of price differentials on market share
  • Understand the price elasticity in terms of the services offered and assess the impact of price changes on profit
  • Maximize profit margin by identifying the price discounts and targeting the right target audience

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