How Sales Performance Management Helped a Financial Services Client Assess the Effectiveness of their SalesForce

Aug 8, 2017

Like “forces” protecting the nation against potential threats, the sales force has become an inevitable part of the sustenance of any organization. Organizations highly rely on their sales force to optimize sales performance and maximize their profits. Also, with the increasing number of salesforce within an organization, companies have started resorting to robust sales performance management.  Sales performance management is the process of overseeing and training employees to enhance their sales skills and improve their ability to sell products and services. With advances in technology, organizations are leveraging the use of analytics to spur sales. Analytics currently involves components for goal setting and planning feedback, skill development, and performance review. In addition, sales analytics further assists organizations to seamlessly track information on sales quotas, territories, incentive compensation, job evaluation, and forecasting.

Quantzig’s sales performance management team assists the client to improve sales practices, compare metrics, draw conclusions, and implement robust changes. The sales performance management team at Quantzig also identifies employees whose productivity has to be improved; thereby driving the organization’s performance.

The Business Challenge

A leading provider of financial services was very much concerned about its sales performance and wanted to assess the sales team’s activities and important metrics such as current performance, past performance, and pipeline. Gaining access to multiple systems and performing manual reporting tasks was a time-consuming task and the client wanted to take Quantzig’s help to generate sales reports accurately.

Our Approach

To gain actionable insights on sales performance, Quantzig’s financial services experts crafted an executive sales effectiveness dashboard to collate the client’s data sources. The dashboard was linked to CRM data, production data, and other relevant pieces to deliver valuable insights. Moreover, the dashboard also enabled users to dive deeper into specific areas of interest.

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Sales Performance Assessment Benefits

  • Provide implementation services, including project management
  • Design visualizations and KPI display for quick and meaningful data consumption
  • Collaborate with client’s internal resources for sourcing, managing, and controlling the flow of data
  • Deploy report designs and design report options
  • Support the testing and deployment process for the dashboard

Sales Performance Assessment Predictive Insights

  • Provided actionable insights to the stakeholders through combining data sets
  • Devise new strategies around sales effectiveness and enhance managerial focus
  • Gain a holistic view of the sales team’s activities such as current performance, past performance, and pipeline
  • Transform sales data into visual insights for easy consumption

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