Salesforce Analytics Helps a Leading Financial Services Provider Curtail Additional Costs

Oct 3, 2017

With the relentless growth of the financial industry, organizations have started shifting toward a resilient and accessible financial system to improve savings and further improve investments. Also, with the rising demand for a reliable financial system among the global audience, leading businesses in the financial industry have started relying on implementing a robust salesforce analytics solution. Salesforce analytics helps businesses transform from a conventional mode of banking to a more refined financial system to lower costs and understand the consumer’s needs. Also, salesforce analytics helps leading banking firms manage their sales force effectively and withstand financial stress without imposing losses on taxpayers.

After the robust recovery from the global financial crisis, renowned organizations in the financial industry have started approaching companies like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a multitude of solutions for a wide array of Fortune 500 companies, Quantzig’s salesforce analytics experts help businesses manage risk, ensure compliance with new rules, and improve the prevailing operation models. Also, the engagement helps businesses increase transparency into the existing system; thereby, enhancing sales performance.

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The Business Challenge

The financial industry is witnessing a impressive growth with major players offering a differentiated set of service offerings. A renowned client in the financial industry with a considerable number of service offerings was facing a predicament understanding their sales force’s performance and uncover new opportunities to curtail additional time. The client wanted to leverage the use of salesforce analytics to grow their customer relationships. Also, the client wanted to analyze and manage their salesforce and prioritize activities and time accordingly. Furthermore, the client wanted to embrace new technologies to stay ahead in the financial landscape.

QZ- Salesforce analytics

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Salesforce Analytics Solution Benefits

With the help of salesforce analytics, the client was able to make more meaningful interactions with the customers. Moreover, devising effective solution assisted the client in uncovering potential opportunities, better manage forecasts, and understand team performance. This salesforce analytics solution also helped the client improve the performance of the current sales team. By leveraging salesforce analytics, the client can better understand customer segments and effectively manage the team over time.

Salesforce Analytics Solution Predictive Insights

  • Effectively manage salesforce and bolster sales performance
  • Benchmark the sales performance across geographical regions and predict the sales performance
  • Ensure better returns on investment by minimizing the allocation of resources
  • Improve the hiring and retention of sales staff and build robust customer relationships
  • Identify the potential opportunities and allocate resources wisely

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