Customer Analytics Assists a Leading Beverage Company to Improve Operational Efficiency

Oct 2, 2017

In this digitally advanced world, organizations are shifting towards advanced analytics to curtail costs and increase responsiveness to consumer needs. Leading organizations are implementing customer analytics to monitor and decode consumer tastes and preferences. Also, organizations in the beverage industry are shifting toward fast, accurate, and reliable data to make informed decisions. In the beverage industry, customer analytics helps leading businesses reduce campaign costs by targeting the right customers and decrease attrition levels by accurately predicting customer behavior. Furthermore, leading businesses in the beverage industry can maximize the use of customer analytics to develop proactive campaigns to retain the right potential customers.

To drive loyalty, profitability and sustainable growth, companies in the beverage industry are approaching organizations like Quantzig. With years of expertise in offering a plethora of solutions, Quantzig’s customer analytics solution helps businesses segment the customers effectively and better understand the target populations. Also, Quantzig’s customer analytics helps companies create highly accurate predictive and descriptive models to identify the target customers that are most likely to respond.

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The Business Challenge

A renowned beverage company with a considerable number of manufacturing units was facing a predicament while assessing the consumer needs and improving their overall operational efficiency. The client wanted to leverage the use of customer analysis to better manage supplier relationships and improve response times and lower costs. In addition, the client wanted to gain continuous consumer insights to revamp their sales and marketing strategies in the beverage industry.

Customer Analytics Solution Benefits

After complete information into the beverage industry, the client was able to gain actionable insights into the tastes and preferences of the consumers. With the help of a robust customer analytics solution, the managers were able to evaluate the average wait times for customers, prevent losses, and make robust amendments in the beverage industry. Also, the client gained detailed, real-time insights into evolving customer preferences, price trends, government regulations, and upcoming competitors and devise effective growth strategies.

Customer Analytics Solution Predictive Insights

  • Outperform the competitors in terms of key performance metrics
  • Gain accurate information of the customers spending pattern and predict how customers will behave while interacting with the organization
  • Gain better understanding of the customer’s buying habits and lifestyle preferences
  • Increase response rates, customer loyalty, and improve the ROI
  • Contact the right customers with customized offers and messages

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