Marketing analytics Helps a Leading Beverage Company Enhance their Product Offerings

Oct 9, 2017

Like the pillars supporting the structure of a building, marketing plays a prominent role in retaining the stature and foothold of any organization(s). Consequently, with the increasing level of competition in the market, leading companies in the beverage industry have been compelled to develop an effective marketing analysis plan. In the beverage industry, marketing analysis helps companies re-align their marketing efforts to effectively monitor campaigns and prioritize investments. On the other hand, these strategies also help businesses gain real-time information on the marketing spend. Also, beyond their sales and lead generation application, marketing analysis offers insights into the tastes and preferences of the customers.

Furthermore, with the beverage industry nearing its saturation, the marketing executives of reputed organizations are approaching data analytics companies like Quantzig to gain more insights into the current market scenario. The experienced analysts at Quantzig help companies in the beverage industry leverage the use of business metrics such as market attribution to improve the overall profitability and gain better ROI.QZ_DEMO

The Business Challenge

A renowned beverage company with manufacturing units spread across the globe was facing predicaments understanding their product offerings across niche market segments. The beverage industry company wanted to leverage the use of marketing analysis to determine the potential drivers in the market. The client further wanted to boost sales, increase productivity, and increase customer loyalty. In addition, the client wanted to effectively manage their inventory and benchmark their product offerings with that of the competitors. Furthermore, the beverage industry client wanted to understand the compliance and regulatory issues associated with breaching different potential market segments.

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Marketing Analysis Solution Benefits:

After gaining a comprehensive understanding of the beverage industry landscape, the client was able to measure, manage and analyze the marketing performance. Also, a robust analysis of marketing analysis helped the client gauge into the customer preferences and trends. Effectively understanding the information helped the beverage industry client to monitor marketing campaigns and accordingly allocate resources to gain better efficiency in their marketing efforts in the beverage industry. Through an effective marketing analysis solution, the client was able to evaluate their market initiatives, robustly assess their marketing attribution, and enhance overall marketing effectiveness in the beverage industry.

Marketing Analysis Solution Predictive Insights:

  • Effectively compare the marketing activities with that of the competitors
  • Allocate the marketing resources and effectively prioritize the marketing investments
  • Analyze the prevailing marketing initiatives and devise effective ways to improve them
  • Maximize the marketing performance and optimize the return on investment
  • Gain profound insights into customer preferences and leverage the use of these insights to make future marketing decisions
  • Apply robust analytics tools and techniques to real-world problems
  • Identify potential opportunities in the market and monitor trends over time[spacer height=”20px”]

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