Big Data Analytics Improves Sales Performance for a Leading CPG Manufacturer

Jul 4, 2017

Industry Overview

Organizations in the CPG industry devote considerable time managing sales forces and still cover only 60% of the target region. It has left retailers frustrated and made it increasingly difficult to balance demand with inbound shipments due to the seasonality of the products. Competitive pressures are driving CPG companies to improve their network coverage strategy to ensure maximum reach and acceptance at minimum possible cost. A better approach would be to analyze relevant data and build territories to estimate the potential of the sales force. Sales territories are often misaligned with a change in company strategies; this is where organizations can use data analytics as a tool to identify weaknesses and set expectations. With multiple sales channels, big data analytics can help retailers make informed business decisions. Also, companies can ensure that their sales forces are well-positioned to succeed by using data effectively to design sales territories.

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The Business Challenge

A leading CPG manufacturer was facing stiff competition in the market and wanted to improve its network coverage strategy to ensure maximum reach and acceptance at minimum possible cost. Based on the ‘AS-IS’ strategy the sales personnel were covering only 60% of the targeted locations leading to a reduced pipeline. The client wanted to minimize the time and cost of territory coverage and maximize sales force coverage to improve sales performance and long-term profitability.

Our Approach

Quantzig’s team analyzed the information obtained from various sources such as sales person, states, locations, transport modes, associated costs, territory information, and network plans. The multi-source data was integrated to facilitate end-to-end visibility on each sales person’s journey right from origin to locations visited and back.


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Big Data Analytics Assessment Benefits

  • 11% reduction in miles per salesperson
  • 17% reduction in transportation costs
  • 50% increase in the number of locations visited
  • ~95% of the target locations covered on time
  • 22% increase in conversions

Big Data Analytics Predictive Insights

  • Proposed centralization of network optimization efforts across all the divisions of the company. The proposed planning would uncover potential opportunities for territory optimization across all divisions and effectively apply best practices
  • Proposed new number and location of cities to maximize territory potential and optimize transpiration costs
  • Dashboard based solution for real-time updates and insights on operational metrics, salesperson performance, target and achievement details, and new prospects

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