Big Data and Analytics Helped an FMCG Brand Analyze Customer Behavior and Build Targeted Marketing Campaigns

Apr 8, 2019

The Client

The client is a leading US-based FMCG brand with over 10 production plants spread across 5 mainstream countries of operation. Over the past ten years, the client has been able to dominantly sell its products across international market segments. However, they faced several challenges in analyzing customer data owing to the burgeoning nature of datasets, hence they wished to leverage big data and analytics to analyze customer data and build targeted campaigns.

The Business Challenge

To succeed in today’s complex business scenario, FMCG brands must stay well equipped to manage the overwhelming amounts of data by leveraging big data and analytics. These datasets are set to multiply in the coming years owing to the rise in digitization and hence, capturing and analyzing a wide variety of data generated from disparate data sources is just one part of the challenge. Furthermore, the time-sensitive decisions on campaigns, promotions, and other aspects of sales rely on a retailer’s ability to make sense of these vast datasets. Factors such as these make it even more essential to leverage customized big data and analytics solutions to harness the true potential of the gigantic troves of data that are available in today’s data-centric era.

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The client had deployed an analytical processing tool that turned out to be inefficient in processing the huge volumes of campaign data and other information retrieved from several other data sources. Most reporting tools used today are time and effort-intensive and fail to serve the purpose when it comes to processing huge volumes of data. Due to this, the client had to invest heavily in IT infrastructure and licensing fees for analyzing and visualizing the datasets. Also, the inability of key decision-makers and stakeholders to access reports on-the-go further resulted in misalignments across business units. They approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise in big data and analytics to deploy a dashboard to transform the massive volumes of data into valuable insights, accessible on a real-time basis.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

The big data and analytics experts at Quantzig helped the client to deploy a robust platform that leveraged big data and analytics to address the key challenges. As a part of this engagement, we devised a big data and analytics dashboard that offered an accurate, comprehensive view of campaign performance on the mobile applications and in comparison with other active campaigns. The big data and analytics solution also helped them harmonize multiple format datasets gathered from disparate sources. This empowered the client to gain a uniform view of all siloed datasets for enhanced decision-making. Moreover, the ability to gauge customer behavior and analyze sales volume enabled the client to develop targeted campaigns to suit the demands of specific customer segments.

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Trends in Big Data and Analytics

Big Data and Analytics

How Can Quantzig’s Big Data and Analytics Solution Help?

Quantzig is a leading advanced analytics service provider that offers unique big data and analytics solutions that help deliver compelling metrics in diverse categories across industries. Quantzig’s big data and analytics-based dashboards offer actionable, accurate insights to key decision-makers across industries through a unified view of disparate datasets.

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Today, our firm consists of 120+ clients, including 45 Fortune 500 companies. We recognize the importance of big data and analytics in today’s complex retail scenario, but we also understand the necessity of finding pragmatic and efficient ways to iteratively build the necessary data analytics frameworks and dashboards. Apart from our big data and analytics expertise, we consider our ability to deliver remarkable, timely results to be a distinguishing factor that sets us apart from our competitors and prompts our clients to engage with us on a recurring basis.

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