Big Data Analytics Helped a Client Ease Data Processing and Improve Service Efficiency by 12%

Oct 1, 2019

“Considering the unique needs of our business and the complexities of our data sets, Quantzig’s big data analytics experts did an outstanding job in laying an analytics roadmap.”

About the Client

The client is a leading mobile marketing automation solutions provider based out of Austria that measures mobile app engagement and provides granular, analytical insights to its customers. They also empower companies to send customized marketing messages to meet the unique needs of the end-users across multiple channels such as in-app, push, email, web, and other media.

The Business Challenge

In today’s economically uncertain era, many leading businesses have come to appreciate that the key to better decisions, more effective customer engagement, sharper competitive edge, hyper-efficient operations, and compelling product development is- Data. The challenges faced by business is not due to the shortage of raw materials, but due to the lack of domain expertise and analytical skills to turn the unstructured, huge volumes of “Big Data” into actionable insights.

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The marketing automation segment witnessed accelerating growth only after 2014, around the same time when mobile users first outnumbered desktop users. Today, unstructured online data sets have grown exponentially making it crucial for businesses to leverage analytical methodologies to analyze these data sets. Moreover, the ongoing data deluge signifies that marketers pursuing consumers need to deploy a way to closely understand the end-users of their applications. This is crucial because once they analyze consumers’ mobile behavior, they can hone their core mobile marketing competencies to match their requirements.

The client needed a massively scalable big data analytics platform to inform its marketing-oriented customers about how well their mobile applications were engaging mass-market consumers. The company sought a ‘single version of truth’ platform that was also affordable and user-friendly for the application developers, typically marketers who weren’t necessarily data scientists.

The client’s challenges spanned three core areas including:

  • Velocity
  • Variety
  • Volume

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

As frontrunners among big data analytics solution providers, we exhibit proven big data analytics capabilities in successfully handling the entire lifecycle of big data implementation including deployment, development, maintenance, and support. Having worked on advanced technologies and big data analytics tools that are leading the big data ecosystem, our analytics experts poses the capability to develop big data analytics frameworks that address all the functional components including data provisioning, data management, and data consumption. 

We adopted a comprehensive three-step approach to big data analytics that offered a 360-degree view of consumers’ interactions with mobile apps. The insights also enabled the client to choose what changes might boost usage, increase business, and retain consumers – and improve the ROI of their marketing investments. Also, by deploying visually interactive big data analytics dashboards we offered in-depth insights tailored specifically to each app developer and its offerings.

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Phase 1

The first phase of this big data analytics case study revolved around data cleansing, data aggregation, and data analysis. A detailed analysis of customer data obtained from millions of smartphones helped the client to gain comprehensive insights into the demands of the end-users.

Phase 2

The second phase of the big data analytics engagement focused on analyzing and translating user behavior across a broad range of mobile apps. It also involved analyzing data on time-series information, sequential action, geo-location, and others across all types of applications and mobile devices.

Phase 3

The final phase of this big data analytics engagement revolved around data visualization and dashboarding to help the client analyze user paths while making in-app purchases.


Business Outcome

With the help of our big data analytics solutions, the mobile marketing automation solutions provider was able to improve their service efficiency by 12% and expand their capabilities, beyond supplying its customers with aggregated data about users of their applications. Data visualization and the devised big data analytics framework enabled the client to track and gauge customer engagement rates. Our big data analytics solutions also offered insights on how they could improve the UI of their applications to improve customer engagement.

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