How Quantzig’s Big Data Analytics Services Help Combat Fraud in the Telecom Sector

Jan 28, 2019

About the Client

The client is a leading telecommunication services provider operating in many international markets. As a leading provider of internet services and network-based ICT services, the client offers services for clients across all business sectors.

The Business Challenge

Today’s data-intensive world generates huge volumes of structured and unstructured data from a number of sources including- social media platforms, connected devices, government portals, and call data records. Considering the sudden surge in data volumes, telecom service providers should expect to encounter a plethora of new data management challenges. However, this challenge can be transformed into a new market opportunity with the efficient utilization of big data analytics services.

It is estimated that the data generated by telcos will grow by 5x in the next few years. The unexpected surge in datasets, though a game-changer, will soon become a major roadblock for telecom service providers if not utilized to its maximum potential. The massive datasets when captured prudently and analyzed professionally can reveal powerful insights. Customized big data analytics services and advanced big data technologies provide telcos with the big data tools and strategy to harness and integrate new sources of data in larger volumes and in real-time.

Quantzig’s big data analytics services are designed to help you understand the trends and big data technologies behind the data-driven telecommunications revolution. Schedule a Free Demo right away!

Top Challenges Faced by the Telecom Services Provider

Problem Statement 1

The client’s major challenge revolved around their efforts to defraud customer groups. The client wanted to leverage Quantzig’s big data analytics services to prevent impacts from fraud and detect fraud that wasn’t previously detectable.

Problem Statement 2

The client faced predicaments in analyzing their big data management techniques and their response to threats. Hence they wanted to leverage big data services to understand the impact of data on fraud detection.

Problem Statement 3

The client adopted manual processes for data validation that gave rise to a system that wasn’t scalable or flexible enough to adapt to evolving needs. This also brought in several challenges due to reporting inconsistencies and the lack of efficient big data management solutions.

With big data analytics services, telco’s are utilizing data for better business decision making. Leading telecom service providers have been leveraging big data solutions to enhance the hidden insights and foresight of big data for quite some time. But do you know “How telcos are smartly using Quantzig’s big data analytics services to enhance their revenue? To know more request a free proposal right away.

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

Working parallelly with the Belgian telecom service provider was a dedicated team of over 20 big data analytics experts. During the course of this big data analytics engagement, we helped the client to re-engineer their big data management and fraud detection processes, workflow automation and helped them develop custom user interfaces that focused on reducing fraud.

Leveraging big data analytics services to minimize the impact of fraud has been a major part of the focus in this case study. To help the telecom client overcome the challenges we adopted a comprehensive three-step approach, which included the following phases:

Phase 1

The initial phase of this engagement revolved around data modeling to offer more real-time insights on potential risks and their response to threats. The main aim was to offer scalable big data solutions to help them cope with the enormous amount of data generated across networks.

Phase 2

Developed a robust big data management system that involved a scalable architecture for integrating data from eight different sources and file formats. The big data analytics services offered were customized to suit the client’s big data management needs.

Phase 3

The final phase of this engagement revolved around the identification and investigation of anomalous and fraudulent activities that previously went unnoticed. The use of big data analytics services to do so was a key decision that helped the client to understand the monetization of big data in the telecom sector.

Quantzig’s big data analytics services were customized to help the client enhance the security and privacy of their subscribers. While this turned out to be a game-changer, it also helped them develop a big data strategy to effectively manage risks from cyber-attacks through the cloud and mobile environments. The customized solutions also helped them enhance the overall value of their business in regards to- revenues, service optimization, and customer satisfaction.

What is big data as a service?

Powerful big data technologies and big data solutions have fundamentally changed the way telecom service providers manage their daily operations. The advantages gained from big data analytics services are substantial as mentioned above and will be increasing over time. Therefore, telco’s that aggressively pursue big data analytics services and big data technologies will be in a better position to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Why Quantzig?

At Quantzig, we’re obsessed with making data the most valuable asset in any organization. We believe that when people have unconstrained access to explore massive datasets, they can make data-driven decisions that can wholly impact their future business projections.

For more than a decade now, big data and advanced analytics have been at the heart of targeted marketing initiatives and data mining methods that have been developed. Quantzig’s big data analytics services are aimed at driving operational efficiency across industries. Our advanced big data solutions have enabled us to help our clients right from the phase of understanding their datasets to the deployment of big data technologies. At Quantzig, we go a step beyond with our big data analytics services helping our clients to fine-tune the business models to improve organizational performance.

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