How a Dockless Bike Rental Services Provider Tackled Challenges Arising Due to Customer Dissatisfaction Using Our Customer Analytics Solutions

Dec 16, 2019

Fleet Management and Availability

Optimizing the availability of fleet is a major challenge for businesses in the bike rental services market. Maintaining optimal fleet at the time of maximum requirement is quite challenging, especially if the company fails to predict the demand for their vehicles. A detailed analysis of historic data sets can help bike rental services providers to forecast demand for their services at any given point of time.

Customer Experience Management

Improving customer experience is crucial for bike rental services providers globally since it plays a crucial role in driving revenue through enhanced customer satisfaction. In this case, customer experience depends on several factors such as- the availability of bikes, user-friendliness, pricing, and ease of use.

Vendor Management

Bike rental service providers collaborate with vendors from different geographies and time-zones, due to which gathering and integrating data from different vendors becomes a tedious task without the use of analytics and technology. 

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About the Client

The client is a leading player in the bike rental services market in the US. The company is well-known for offering turnkey, affordable dockless bike rental services that include different forms of transport such as- e-bikes, bicycles, and superbikes.

Business Challenge

The bike rental services market is one of the rapidly growing industries globally, this can be attributed to several factors including- a maturing millennial generation, urbanization, and the explosion of new concepts and apps that simplify the entire experience of using dockless bikes. Thriving in such a marketplace was challenging for the client who was keen on preparing itself for the upcoming demand and the growing competition.

However, a major challenge faced by the bike rental services provider revolved around identifying the needs of the customers and ensuring the allocation of sufficient bikes at a given location at any given point in time. To address their issues using advanced analytics-driven approaches, the client chose to collaborate with Quantzig, a pioneer in offering advanced customer analytics solutions to address the growing concerns of businesses across industries. Using customer experience analytics, the client wanted to leverage the most commonly used machine learning technique– ‘Numeric Prediction Algorithms’ to predict and forecast demand.

The challenges faced by the bike rental services provider were three-fold:

  • Theft and inventory damage
  • Growing competition
  • Accountability and associated manual work

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Solution Offered

The bike rental services provider faced several challenges that resulted in a dissatisfied customer base and a steady decline in demand. To tackle these issues, Quantzig’s customer experience analytics experts adopted a comprehensive three-pronged approach that employed numeric prediction algorithms to predict demand and analyze customer experience.

The initial phase of this customer experience analytics engagement mostly focused on assessing customer data sets obtained from apps, social media campaigns, and other data sources. This not only helped the client gain a holistic understanding of the factors affecting customer satisfaction, but the use of customer experience analytics also enabled the bike rental services provider to optimize their marketing efforts and devise targeted approaches to enhance CX and drive growth. In the final phase of the engagement, our customer experience analytics experts devised an interactive dashboard to track and monitor customer data in real-time. In addition to offering visual insights into customer experience, the dashboard empowered the bike rental services provider to drive growth using analytics powered real-time insights.


With Quantzig’s customer experience analytics solutions, the bike rental services provider was able to:

  • Achieve a 17% increase in annual profits
  • Improve customer experience
  • Enhance the brand reach and market footprint
  • Analyze customer sentiments

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