Salesforce Analytics Engagement: Accurate Sales Forecast Helps a Broadband Services Client to Make Intelligent Business Decisions

Jun 8, 2018

What the Client Wanted

The broadband services provider wanted to implement and leverage accurate sales forecast based solutions to optimize expansion and purchase plans.

The Outcome

With the help of Quantzig’s salesforce analytics, the broadband services provider devised an accurate sales forecast model that help them predict actual sales with an accuracy of about 94%. The sales forecast model also helped the client to manage a variety of business functions including demand and supply discrepancies.

Summary of the Broadband Services Industry

The rise in internet usage across the globe has significantly profited the companies offering broadband services. The ongoing regulatory overhaul is expected to further drive government-subsidized network expansions; thereby, increasing the number of broadband subscribers. Also, the rising demand for broadband services from the growing business segments along with the thrust towards the expansion of broadband services in the rural markets is expected to drive industry revenue in the coming years.

However, widespread internet accessibility continues to pose a major challenge for players in the broadband services sector. Many such factors have prompted broadband services providers to invest heavily in deploying new infrastructure to boost speed and offer enhanced services. To sustain themselves amidst the growing global competition, companies offering broadband services will have to adopt better infrastructure or implement innovative infrastructural changes such as the ones that require lesser investments to support higher bandwidths. Moreover, the adoption of IPv6 also offers innumerable opportunities to improve services by eliminating the need for a network address translation service (NATS) and resolving the threat of insufficient internet IP addresses.

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Industry Challenges

  • The GRC challenge: Governance, Risk, or Compliance (GRC) challenges arising as a result of changing regulations make it a necessity for broadband services providers to enhance operational transparency. However, developing and maintaining a successful GRC management strategy requires a holistic and proactive approach.

  • The hybrid infrastructure: The hybrid infrastructure includes both cloud and premise-based elements- managing, which is a major challenge for broadband services providers.

About the Client

A major European broadband services provider.

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Client’s Challenge

To devise accurate sales forecast models, the client – a leading broadband services provider – approached Quantzig to leverage salesforce analytics solutions. The client was facing difficulties in forecasting sales to match demand. As a result of which the management wanted to review sales to understand the correlations and develop accurate sales forecast models. Furthermore, they wanted to leverage salesforce analytics to develop a sales dashboard that offers real-time insights on sales performance.

Summary of our salesforce analytics engagement

Broadband services

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Business Impact

With the help of Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solution, the client was able to develop integrated dashboards that helped drive decision-making. The salesforce analytics solution also helped the client to devise an accurate sales forecast model that predicted sales with an accuracy of around 94%. Additionally, our team helped the client in understanding their sales ecosystem, which included- company structure, systems, business processes, and key competitors.

Salesforce Analytics Solution Insights

Quantzig’s salesforce analytics solution helps broadband services providers to review sales data and extract meaningful insights to create accurate sales forecast models. It also offers detailed insights into future revenues thereby, enabling organizations to identify the best way to maximize benefits from future changes in the economy.

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