Campaign Analytics Engagement Helped a Sweden Based Leading Sports Brand to increase Campaign Response Rates by 21% | Quantzig’s Latest Success Story

Aug 12, 2019

The Client

The client is a leading sports brand based out of Gothenburg, who was looking at implementing advanced data analytics strategies to manage their marketing campaigns and gain in-depth insights into their overall sales performance.

Today marketing has become a more analytics-driven business function than ever. Businesses might find it difficult to deploy new marketing campaigns without leveraging campaign analytics tools as these tools help them scale and measure the outcomes in real-time. However, to know what data to gather when there is a deluge, which tools to use to analyze data, and how to take the insights garnered to market at the speed and customization needed are still some of the grey areas for businesses to drive growth.

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The Business Challenge

A leading sports brand based out of Sweden was looking at leveraging campaign analytics solutions to assess and improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Therefore, they approached Quantzig to effectively allocate marketing budgets, reduce customer acquisition costs, and enhance campaign responsiveness. Also, they wanted to adopt a smart campaign analytics approach to optimize their campaigns and profile customers with real-time data, observations, and analyses.

The client’s core business challenges revolved around four factors:

  • To improve marketing effectiveness using real-time customer and campaign data
  • To build multi-tiered campaign analytics-based programs to guide customers throughout their journey based on their behavior and interests
  • To engage with prospects through personalization opportunities to enhance conversion and retention rates
  • To create more effective targeted advertising campaigns

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Solution Offered and Value Delivered

By leveraging Quantzig’s campaign analytics solutions, the client was able to monitor their campaigns effectively and evaluate the success of their marketing initiatives efficiently. Our analytics solutions helped them to integrate campaign data across all marketing channels and consolidate it into a common marketing view that provided invaluable assistance in driving marketing efforts forward. Also, they were able to better understand customer needs and adjust their strategies to make important business decisions. Our analytics experts leveraged advanced analytics tools that integrated real-time data sources with historical data sets to analyze and optimize retail campaigns of the client.

Quantzig’s campaign analytics solutions also helped the client to:

  • Improve campaign response rate by 21%
  • Better target customers with personalized marketing messages
  • Gain better access to customer data

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