Campaign Analytics Success Story | Helping Clients Predict and Improve Campaign Response Rates and Marketing Effectiveness

Jul 18, 2019

The Client

The client is a leading player in the US food retail sector who was looking at implementing advanced analytics-based strategies to monitor their campaigns and gain in-depth insights into their overall sales performance.

The Business Challenge

Today marketing has evolved from being a primarily creative business discipline to a more analytics-driven, measurable business function. As such, businesses can no longer deploy new marketing campaigns without setting up suitable strategies and leveraging campaign analytics tools to scale and measure the outcome. The fluctuating preferences of the global customer base have prompted business leaders to leverage technologies like Big Data, data analytics, and AI-based tools to improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. As such, predictive campaign analytics is now the most sought-after tool in every marketer’s arsenal.

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However, one of the major challenges that businesses face when it comes to incorporating analytics into their business process revolves around analyzing the areas where analytics would help them drive profitable growth.  This is often due to the lack of analytics capabilities and tools which would otherwise aid their marketing decisions.

Campaign analytics tools are gaining popularity owing to their ability to deliver comprehensive insights that can help businesses improve campaign response rates. Wonder how monitoring and tracking key campaign success factors can help you boost sales?

A leading US-based food retailer approached Quantzig as they were looking at leveraging campaign analytics to assess and improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. By improving these capabilities, the client was looking at increasing customer retention rates by improving the member experience and escalating its acquisition efforts through relevant messaging and response rate analysis.

The client’s core business objectives revolved around three factors –

  • To improve marketing effectiveness using real-time customer and campaign data
  • To build and coordinate complex, multi-tiered campaign analytics-based programs to guide prospects throughout their journey based on their behavior
  • To engage with prospects through personalization opportunities to improve conversion and retention rates

Solutions Offered and Value Delivered

With the help of Quantzig’s campaign analytics solutions, the client wanted to monitor their campaigns to find effective ways through which they could improve the overall effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. They also wanted to integrate customer and campaign data to better understand customer needs and adjust their strategies to make crucial business decisions. To help the client achieve their business objectives, our campaign analytics experts leveraged advanced predictive models that integrated near real-time data sources with historical data sets to analyze and optimize their retail campaigns.

Quantzig’s campaign analytics solutions also enabled the client to:

  • Improve campaign response rate by 15%
  • Better target customers with accurate and personalized marketing messages
  • Gain more rapid access to its customer data
  • Eliminate errors from its customer communications

Campaign Analytics: What’s It All About?

Campaign analytics is a powerful tool that leverages analytics-based techniques to help companies gauge the overall effectiveness of their marketing campaigns by systematically analyzing key success metrics. It offers in-depth visibility into various behavioral attributes that help businesses develop personalized campaigns that drive influence a customer’s purchasing decisions. Whether you’re focused on analyzing CTR’s, conversions, or key success metrics, Quantzig’s campaign analytics solutions can help you better understand audience behavior and factors impacting campaign effectiveness.

We understand the importance of campaign analytics in measuring the success of your retail marketing initiatives, which is why we’ve developed a comprehensive portfolio of marketing analytics solutions that focus on improving the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. Moreover, our retail campaign analytics solutions are flexible enough to help you track and optimize the efficiency of your campaigns.

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