Clickstream Analytics Helped an IT and Telecom Client to Improve Customer Experience Through Optimum Ad Placement

Sep 4, 2019

Quantzig’s clickstream analytics solutions helped a leading IT and telecom service provider to improve customer experience by optimum ad placement based on demographics, search, and web data. This resulted in a potential monetization benefit of around $1M annually.

About the Client

The client is a leading IT and telecom service provider based out of Finland. The organization wanted to take advantage of advanced technologies and clickstream analytics to identify customer needs and offer customized solutions to cater to the needs of the evolving customer base.

The Business Challenge

Prior to collaborating with Quantzig, the client faced several challenges due to the lack of a methodology to capture user data and analyze their online behavior. The use of multiple customer surveys did more harm than good as it was time-consuming and resulted in data duplication curtailing their efforts to understand customers. The biggest challenge the client faced was the lack of an established method to gather usable data on various features on the search result pages. To tackle this challenge and generate usable data the client wanted to put in place a process that would help optimize data and provide usable metrics at a granular level.

The client approached Quantzig to leverage its clickstream analytics expertise to build a robust framework that would help convert unstructured web data to a structured format for report generation. The client’s main aim was to tackle the deluge of web data and make it usable by employing methods such as data cleaning, data wrangling, and data visualization.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

To help the client tackle this challenge and identify factors that influence online user behavior, new opportunities, and improve customer engagement, our clickstream analytics experts, devised a robust framework to analyze clickstream data sets. The clickstream data analytics framework helped the client to sift through the massive troves of user-generated datasets including data from high throughput clickstream data pipelines that combined demographics, search, and browsing data to suggest the right ads and ensure optimum placement to improve customer experience. This clickstream analytics engagement was carried out in three phases as listed below.

Phase 1

We put together a team of highly skilled clickstream analytics experts to mine the data generated from online and social conversations of over 10,000+ users who visited the client’s website. 

Phase 2

The second phase of this clickstream analytics engagement focused on tracking and monitoring customer behavior across multiple interaction points. 

Phase 3

The final phase of this clickstream analytics engagement revolved around generating usable data by employing certain analytics based methodologies that focused on data cleaning, data wrangling, and data visualization.

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Our clickstream data analytics solutions offered a holistic view that enabled the client to better understand how customers engaged with them through their website as well as that of their competitors. The generated report also offered detailed insights on what specific ad features attracted users to click on a particular advertisement.

Following this, the client rolled out new features by following the recommendations offered by our clickstream analytics experts. This enabled them to drive ad revenue following suggestions on optimal size and the number of ads to be displayed on a SERP. As a result, relevant ad impressions increased by 25% which combined with a 15% increase in CTR, resulting in an additional monetization opportunity of around $1 million annually.

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