Consumer Goods Manufacturer Uses Effective Customer Segmentation for Successful Launching of New Product

Sep 23, 2016

Business Challenge

Assessment of right locations for launching new product

Our client, a leading consumer goods manufacturer was planning to launch a new product and wanted to identify the most attractive stores with maximum sales potential.


Blanket approach not yielding significant profitability

The client was dependant on a blanket approach which followed the placement of new products in all the stores based on space availability but resulted in reduced sales per store rate. To tackle this, the client was in a need for a more scientific method that could help them achieve improved efficiency per store.

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Customer segmentation based product launch strategy

We implemented a customer segmentation based product launch strategy which included analysis of customer data to obtain customer profile, assess customer composition at a store level, and identify the store locations with maximum potential. This information was used to determine the list of stores for product launch and devise store-level strategies.


Successful product launch with improved sales per store

The client was able to achieve a successful product launch by mapping the stores with maximum demand. Though the product launch was done across select stores, the client was able to achieve expected sales volumes, improved efficiency per store and better inventory turnover.

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