How Customer Behavior Analytics Helped Pharma Giant Drive Better HCP Interactions by Providing Customer Behavior Recommendations?  

Sep 2, 2022

Highlights of the Case Study: 

Particulars Description 
Client A leading healthcare partner based out of the US wanted to drive better healthcare professional (HCP)interactions by providing customer behavior recommendations for prospective patients. 
Business Challenge The client required Quantzig’s analytic solution to build two-way communication that enables pharma and HCPs to stay connected in a new, compliant way.  
Impact Quantzig’s AI solution helped the client successfully deliver timely information that is appropriate and suited to an HCP’s needs by utilizing customer insights. In addition, it allowed the sales and marketing teams to meet clients’ specific needs.  

Game-Changing Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Industry 

To be resilient and spur growth, a business needs to offer more than just products or services. Finding the ideal client base is the first step in this journey, followed by providing a seamless experience based on customer preferences. Audience awareness is crucial in delivering effective customer experiences. There must be open contact between the industry and healthcare providers for information to be shared and problems to be resolved more quickly. The business and financial success of the pharmaceutical and medical device industries depend on these communication channels.  


All businesses benefited from digital technologies during the pandemic because direct communication was impossible. For virtual “face-to-face” contacts with HCPs, all digital and videoconferencing technologies, such as WhatsApp, Skype, Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, etc., were trustworthy options. These communication channels are likely to exist and can be used extensively even after things return to normal because they are convenient. They connect individuals worldwide most efficiently without wasting time or money since they are swift, efficient, and enable remote communication without the need to travel.  

The Challenge for our client 

A leading US healthcare partner wanted to drive better HCP interactions by providing customer behavior recommendations for prospective patients. The client had to deal with various difficulties brought on by COVID-19 in the healthcare sector. The client also struggled to determine every HCP’s most effective engagement tactics. No one strategy works for all doctors, but personalization of communication is a significant aspect of doctors’ satisfaction.  

Therefore, the client required Quantzig’s analytic solution to build a two-way communication channel that enabled pharma and HCPs to stay connected in a new, compliant way.  

Pharma corporations benefit from having direct, anonymous access to patient interactions because it helps them better understand their patients’ emotional and clinical needs. Some of the challenges that the client was facing are as follows: 

  • Analyzing the behavior of prescribers and recommendations  
  • Shifting engagement preferences  
  • Inconsistent and unreliable supply  

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Quantzig’s Competitor Analytics Solutions 

Quantzig provided the client with a robust customer behavior analytics solution to ensure that the client has in-depth insights into the customers’ opinions and optimizes the factors that lead to a seamless customer experience, engagement, and improvement of customer satisfaction. Quantzig’s solution provided consistent engagement across non-digital and digital channels. These became more apparent as post-COVID-19 channel choices among healthcare professionals continued to change.  

Quantzig’s customer satisfaction analytics helped the client translate existing customer data into essential business insights for better business decisions. Quantzig’s analytics solutions include predictive scoring methods using machine learning to forecast key HCP behavioral traits, including their content, channel preferences, and propensity to recommend a specific therapy. Our analytic system has been designed to analyze and predict the following attributes:  

  • Demographics information  
  • Therapy choice  
  • Prescription potential and preference  
  • Patient coverage  

Impact Analysis of Quantzig’s Customer Behavior Analytics Solutions 

Our AI solution helped our client deliver timely information appropriately and suited to an HCP’s needs by utilizing customer insights. The client-tailored information quickly and readily satisfied each HCP’s requirements regarding a particular therapy. Additionally, the client gave the sales teams a 360-degree picture of the customer journey. They also combined their marketing automation technologies with CRM platforms to enhance communication between sales and marketing regarding specific clients. The client obtained a complete picture of activities that can lead to a more individualized connection with each customer by combining real-time insights from several digital channels.  


Our solutions enabled the client to unlock the following benefits:   

  • Increased demand for deeper digital engagement  
  • Predicted HCP digital behavior that boosted targeting and identification   
  • Provided customer behavior recommendation  
  • Enabled flexible engagement  
  • Forecasted and analyzed changing HCP expectations  
customer behavior analytics

Key Outcomes 

Implementing recommendations based on Quantzig’s advanced customer behavior analytics helped to drive better insights for the HCPs and the pharmaceutical client. Quantzig’s solutions will help improve care delivery and enable targeting the products and services to the right customer segment. Implementing these solutions helped the client improve the nature of its services, gauge the need for new products among patient groups, and thus remain competitive in the market.  

Broad Perspective on Behavior Analytics in the Pharmaceuticals Business 

The trend in HCP engagement preferences and behavior is toward virtual engagement, forcing the traditional pharmaceutical sales force to be scaled back or reorganized in favor of remote channels. With long-lasting effects, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how healthcare professionals deal with patients and pharmaceutical corporations regularly. More virtual encounters would be highly beneficial for both HCPs and patients. HCPs have also noticed that pharmaceutical corporations are now communicating about topics other than product details. They provide far more beneficial services directly than they did before the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Quantzig can facilitate these interactions with our advanced customer behavior analytics, which help improve communication channels between patients, HCPs, and pharmaceutical companies to create a seamless wellness experience. 

Key Takeaways 

  • Leverage the information captured over digital channels 
  • Provide suitable recommendations to HCPs 
  • Understanding patient needs for pharma sales and marketing 
  • Facilitate new product development based on patient needs 
  • Improved engagement between patients, HCPs, and pharmaceutical client 

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