A US Retailer Identified Customer Pain Points and Reduced Customer Service Costs by 14% Using a Customer Journey Mapping Framework

Jun 10, 2020

Engagement Summary

The customer journey mapping framework revolves around the processes that help you accurately map and track the customer journey. It plays a crucial role in helping businesses understand and analyze the interactions at each touchpoint in order to address customer needs and improve service efficiency. From the moment a customer is introduced to the brand to the post-purchase behavior, every phase of a customer’s journey can be defined and analyzed using a customer journey mapping framework. Customer journey mapping also offers new opportunities for businesses to improve and enhance their brand reach. A US-based retailer was unable to understand the customer base and act proactively based on the dynamic needs of its customers. They approached Quantzig looking to leverage customer journey maps to better understand and target potential customers. The devised customer journey mapping framework enabled the client to enhance customer satisfaction and increase customer retention rate by 58%.

The Client’s Challenge

The client is a renowned retailer based out of the US with key operations and business units spread across North America. Operating in a highly complex environment, the client’s understanding of its customer base was crucial for success. The client was facing challenges with understanding its customers’ journey. Key challenges faced by the client:

Problem Statement 1

Inability to Identify and Analyze the Customer Journey – Before creating customer journey maps, it was crucial for the client to understand the touchpoints and the role of customer journey mapping for retail. By using an advanced customer journey mapping framework, the client wanted to identify and analyze the stages and touchpoints of the customer’s path to purchase.

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Problem Statement 2

Lack of Insights on Customer Pain Points – Implementing a customer journey mapping framework can help businesses to understand what the customer goes through while interacting with their brands. The client, in this case, was unable to analyze the customer journey which in turn resulted in a communication gap. Hence, the client wanted to use customer journey maps to bridge the gaps and offer better services.

Problem Statement 3

Inability to Improve Service Efficiency and Retain Loyal Customers – Operating in a highly competitive retail market, the client was finding it difficult to enhance customer loyalty. Thus, the client was looking forward to leveraging customer journey maps to develop a sense of bonding with customers through personalized rewards and discounts.

How We Helped the Client

To help the US-based retailer analyze and tackle their business challenges, Quantzig’s team of customer analytics experts adopted a comprehensive three-step approach to develop and implement a customer journey mapping framework. The initial phase of this engagement revolved around analyzing and identifying touchpoints on the customer journey mapping framework. The customer journey mapping framework touchpoints are basically individual transactions via which a customer interacts with a brand and its product offerings. Our experts traced the whole journey a customer embarks on and identified the specific touchpoints using customer journey maps.

A detailed analysis of the client’s challenges revealed that they were facing several challenges due to a communication gap with the customers, to bridge this communication gap the experts at Quantzig leveraged customer journey mapping for the retail industry. A detailed analysis of the data obtained from the customer journey maps helped us identify the service gaps that were creating obstacles in enhancing service efficiency. Quantzig’s customer journey framework also helped the client to understand the buyers’ persona and offer personalized services, resulting in a 14% reduction in service costs.

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Business Outcome

The custom journey mapping framework provided granular insights into customer segments and expectations which helped the client to understand better understand their customer needs and revamp their strategies to suit the individual needs and preferences of different customer segments.

The implementation of a customer journey mapping framework helped the client to-

  1. Increase customer retention rates by 58%
  2. Reduce customer service cost by 14%
  3. Reduce operational cost
  4. Enhance customer satisfaction

Why Choose Quantzig’s Customer Journey Mapping Framework?

Quantzig’s customer journey mapping framework provides you both qualitative and quantitative data which empowers your brand to identify the potential pain points and customer goals. On marking these areas and upgrading the customer experience your brand can easily outstand the competitors in the market. Our expertise in working with Fortune 500 retail companies over the past few years has helped us sharpen our skills and understand the challenges surrounding the retail market.  What makes us a market leader, you ask? Our global team of customer analytics experts with deep domain expertise has a proven track record of helping businesses across industries implement advanced customer journey mapping frameworks to create customer-centric organizations.

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