Creating Great Customer Experiences with Customer Journey Mapping – A Quantzig Success Story

Mar 4, 2019

Customer Journey Mapping: A Key Aspect of Digital Transformations

About the Client

The client is a medium-sized interactive home entertainment retail enterprise, established in 1982, with 600 employees. The company is headquartered in Central Europe and operates in Canada and North America.

The Business Challenge

The retail industry is facing massive once-in-a-generation disruption. Retailers also perceive that the existence of their traditional core business model is starting to be questioned for the near future. The millennials will comprise close to more than half of the retail customer pool and are poised to expect highly interactive digital experience and price transparency along the journey. Those who do not keep up to the pace of developments in the market will eventually incur heavy losses. Today customer journeys are highly strategic and –  in a world where the customer truly is the king, understanding them is crucial as it can make or break the success of any retailer.

Within the context of the burgeoning economy and technological developments, there is a proliferation of innovative business models to meet new customer requirements and new market opportunities. A customer journey map helps businesses to understand and provide what customers want as opposed to assuming their needs. This includes identifying the customers first potential touchpoint through a detailed customer-centric shopper journey analysis and the processes that support those activities and then using these touchpoints or points of interaction to plan and maintain a long-term customer relationship.

In today’s complicated retail scenario, retailers that embark on the development of customer journey strategy and develop a suitable customer journey map that graphically depicts the ups and downs of customer experience will be well positioned to win the ongoing race to improve customer satisfaction. However, retailers that stand back and wait will only have themselves to blame when customers abandon their brand and turn to other competing brands that never fail to delight them across all touchpoints throughout the full spectrum of interactions.

To gain a leading edge in today’s complicated retail scenario it’s essential to first ensure you have a good customer journey strategy in place. Wondering where to start? Request a FREE proposal to find out.

The client, a leading retailer in the home entertainment space embarked on a digital transformation initiative to address their organizational challenges. It involved- CRM analytics, customer journey mapping, and omnichannel retailing- all to drive better customer interaction. The catalyst to this initiative was a branding focus to improve customer lifetime value (CLV). Since a customer journey model was crucial to the client’s transformation strategy, the CRM and marketing teams were first required to build a customer journey strategy to support their initiatives. To do so, the client approached Quantzig to leverage its expertise and develop a customer journey model.

Top Challenges Faced by the Client

Problem Statement 1

The client faced a major challenge in delivering a unified experience across all customer touchpoints. The fragmented and disjointed nature of customer information leveraged roadblocks as the organization was governed by different business units across Central Europe and North America.

Problem Statement 2

The second major challenge faced by the client revolved around the need to develop a strong rewards program that entice customers to buy more while improving customer loyalty.

Problem Statement 3

The client faced a major challenge in visualizing the key aspects of their business that needed focus and in understanding new business models and technologies. Hence, they wanted to overlay the digital possibilities upon customer journey maps to improve their business efficiency.

Solution Offered and Value Delivered

Retail customer journey maps and customer journey models are essential aspects of CRM and digital transformation initiatives. As such, gaining mastery of customer journey strategy is the key to improved customer experiences. To bolster the client’s digital transformation initiatives, we followed a three-step approach to ensure they obtained the greatest benefit of using customer journey maps.

Phase 1

The initial phase of this customer journey mapping engagement involved the consolidation of customer information. Instead of drawing a conclusion on customer transactions, we leveraged customer journey mapping tools to document the full end-to-end customer experience, while also collecting comprehensive customer data and information for customer journey decision-making.

Phase 2

In phase two of this customer journey engagement, we developed customer journey maps and used it as an effective communication tool.  The main focus was to extract insights from the gathered customer data and to ensure it is accurate, actionable, and of high impact.

Phase 3

In phase three the identified benchmarks were used as a foundation to tailor the client’s digital strategy and develop a roadmap for their digital initiatives.

Customer journey mapping turned out to be a critical tool for digital transformation that aided the client to offer consistent experiences irrespective of the channel. Along with being an important tool for business transformation, customer journey mapping helped them gain deep, embedded customer insights which were previously unavailable. Also, a multilayered understanding of customers and their choices in a contextual setting offered the opportunity to change practices in a way that reflects the reality of consumer decision making.

Speak with our analytics experts and learn more about the role of customer journey mapping as a tool for digital transformation, and how Quantzig’s solutions help retail companies.

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